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Normal to Plateau on Bench When OHP Goes Up and Vice Versa?

I’m running madcow 5x5 and my ohp is now going up but for some reason ny bench is stalling, when my bench was going up my ohp was stalling, and same apply with squat and deadlift, how do i fix this?

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You didn’t answer my question

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I started with this cookie cutter bodybuilding program at first but made strength gains and size, idk if it was because i was a noob beginner or if the program was actually useful, after 4 months i started the jb icf 5x5, i done that for like 2 years or more and made very little gains, i then started sl 5x5 and i made some little gains but nothing big, i started candito intermediate 6 week program and made some gains, now i’m doing madcow 5x5 and it’s going very well, but why didn’t i reach 200/300/400 standard using 5x5 linear program as a beginner?? That’s what blaha said and i did it for years. I feel kind of sad but at least i’m making some gains after 4 and half years of failure, my lifts are 86kgx5 bench, 131kgx5 squat and 166kgx5 deadlift (using 21kg barbell) no belt no straps no nothing btw, just food and sleep, i am just disappointed that i wasted years when i could have been a lot bigger and stronger, i am 85kg at 6ft 1/186cm, i started at 56kg 5ft 11 or 10

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I’m not really sure what your question is. The way you achieve results in the gym, the way you get bigger and stronger, is by eating enough, making smart food choices, working hard in the gym when you’re there, attending the gym consistently over a long period of time, and running ANY program that is tailored towards your goals.

Literally the only thing out of the list I just made that you addressed was the program you ran. Your program is not the problem. Your problem is one or more of the other components in my list. You need to be VERY honest with yourself to determine where you’re coming up short. I can tell you from my experience that food is the biggest issue for most people. Working hard enough in the gym is the second most common issue. It seems like most people at least follow a plan and show up regularly if they are posting on this site.


Yeah true, but i did bulk seriously once and i gained only fat no strength

then you did something wrong. I’m not sure what you’re missing here. If you ate a whole bunch of food and got fatter without getting stronger, you likely made poor food choices. You can’t just eat everything in the room and expect to get strong.

They’re not the same, but they’re literally very similar, discussing progress you have or haven’t seen using 5x5 programs. There’s no reason to start separate threads a few minutes apart to discuss your training.

Lots of guys feel this way about their first few years training. Plenty still end up big and strong eventually, and some don’t.

No i made gains with the same food before, only difference was that i wasn’t gaining any strength, it was probably lack of sleep and consistency

Is 235lbs/105kg good weight for a 6ft 1 guy? i want to stay at a weight eventually, i don’t want to bulk forever, and i might consider competing in powerlifting but not anytime soon

depends on how much is muscle, how much is fat. This is just a bad question, dude.

I’m 5’11, and I vary from 190ish to about 205. I carry a lot of muscle. I know a lot of guys who weigh the same as me and look like shit, guys who weigh more and look like shit, and guys who weigh less and look like shit. I also know guys who weigh the same and look better, guys who weigh more and look better, and guys who weigh less and still look pretty damn awesome, lol.

For a natural lifter, at your height, a reasonable expectation for looking pretty great would be around my weight (190-210), and lean. If you can achieve a bodyfat under 10% at that bodyweight, you’ll almost certainly like how you look.


Might want to note since September the op squat went from 115kgs x5 to 131kgs x5
Bench 72.5kgs x 5 to 86kgs x 5
Body weight from 79kgs to 85kgs
Do with the information as you will

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Like Flip said, general bodyweight is too vague a metric. 235 with ab definition at that height is great. 235 with a muffintop is something entirely different.

To touch back on this:

The answer, like it or not, is accessory work. That’s what fills the gaps, fixes weak points, and it’s why just focusing on big compound lifts isn’t an effective long-term plan. You have a history of avoiding accessory work, and not it’s coming back to bite you.


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One of my friends and a former training partner won her class at the Arnold last year, and then went on to take middleweight World’s Strongest Woman. I could learn A LOT from her. Her technique on overhead pressing is fucking flawless. I wish I could lift like she does.


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Maybe you should ask him instead.

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I believe that was addressed in a previous thread.