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Normal to Not Feel Bigger Untill Next Day?


So I Worked out yesterday and the hours following and most of this morning, Didn't really feel much growth or anything happening. I thought maybe I'd just not pushed myself hard enough and not really caused a stimulus to promote growth. But then half way through today... BAM... seems like growth kicked in for the next few meals. Noticeably bigger and feeling stronger.

Now ive read in various postworkout articles, if one doesnt eat enough post workout then your body doesnt switch back to anabolic mode untill around 24 hours after. It seems this is what maybe happened to me here? I mean ive often felt like my body was growing a few hours after a workout when stuffing my face. I'm a little paranoid about doing that right now though after losing alot of fat lately, from a previously bad bulk where i ate too much. I guess I just need to go through a little trial and error here and figure out how much I need PWO to go anabolic but not lay down too much fat doing it....

Yesterday PWO I had 2 scoop of waxy maize 1 scoop whey...then followed that up with around 400 cals of beef, I'm thinking add more kcal to the beef meal and leaving the pwo shake as is....what do you guys think?


What the hell? You can actually notice yourself getting bigger like that? O.o

I have to step on a weight, and find the measuring tape after 3 months or something, else I think I'm the same...


You were not "Noticeably bigger" in 24hrs. That was just your FLS kicking in. (fake lat syndrome)


lol tell me, what does 'growth' feel like?


Dude, I hate to be the one to bust your bubble. Your not gonna get jacked by working out a few times and chugging down a protein shake. That "growing" you spoke of was probably you self esteem picking up because you got off your ass and hit the weight...which is more than alot of people now a days. Gaining weight takes LOTS of hard work and LOTS of food- I hope you already know that.

A beginner will make better gains at first but then level off when the body adapts to the training then it's your job to keep changing the stimulus to keep it going. Seriously, "IF" you train hard several days a week, "IF" you eat right, "IF" you get enough rest you can look forward to about a pound of Lean body mass a month. Even if you were using "help" you would still need to do the eat sleep work out thing for a long time.. Good luck MOJO


well, it starts to feel all tingly down there. Then it gets bigger. It feels really nice but you have to be careful sipping your fly and closing windows and doors. I learned the hard way.


My troll sense is tingling


If I stare hard enough at the hour hand of a watch I can see it move. Same with my body in a mirror. What, you ain't seeing it grow? Stare HARDER.


lol should have mentioned that the rapid gains are from muscle memory, so yes the gains are noticeable over 48hours :slight_smile:


Well you should have mentioned that before because now it all makes se-FAIL!


It is normal not to feel bigger until next year. You were only off by 364. Not bad for a noob.


Your workouts and/or diet must be pretty shit if you don't regin lost muscle quick like that...


Yes my workout and/or diet is the reason that you can grow muscle in 14 minutes, but only SOMETIMES.


Lol at this thred!


Where did I say 14 mins? I said several hours after training - when i was eating alot more.




Are you mistaking DOMS for growth?


Furthermore, are you mistaking crack for protein powder?


Before and after workout pics please!


This is what I was thinking, as well. I usually "feel" bigger (a psychological thing) when I'm sore, since it's a constant reminder that I just got done working my ass off in the gym yesterday or the day before. Let's see some pics Mr. "I workout so good I get noticeable gains in a single day", if you wouldn't mind, sir.