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'Normal Test', Very Low Free Test, Puffy Nipps Like Always, Mood Suck

First I want to say that i always been a dude from childhood who had puffy nipps, emotional, depressed, water retention, etc. all high e sides but estrogen wasnt higher than normal range… i still experience those feeling, and while anti-e do make me feel better some times and take away a lot of sides, the sides quickly come back (like in a matter of hour)

21 years old. feel like chit , obviously, on all aspect one could imagine.

Pre TRT at 19:

LH *3,8 1,7-7,0 UIl L

TESTOTÃ?RONE TOTALE *16,08 8,69-29,00 nmoll L

TESTO BIODISPONIBLE *8,4 6,0-22,0 nmoll L

On TRT(19-20):

Test was really high… felt good at first when controlling estrogen, then let it creep, felt ok but eventually like chit, and dropping estrogen wasnt helping (sometimes i Wonder if should have kept the low estro longer to recover from the damage for high estro.)

quitted TRT one years ago because i was feeling worse and worse,

got tested last month(was taking daa for at least a week in a attempt to feel better)


Testostérone 16,9 nmol/L

Testostérone biodisponible 2,6 nmol/L (lowest of the range is 6)

Estradiol 68,2 pmol/L

FSH 1,8 U/L

LH 1,2 U/L

Fuk im at lost. dont really know what to do anymore.

There are 7 good stickies here. Please start by reading “advice for new guys”

Please post range for estradiol

Many here have thyroid problems and often from iodine deficiency caused by not using iodized salt. You can evaluate your thyroid function by checking your body temperature. See the thyroid basics sticky.

Sometimes the problems are more than T and E2 levels.