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Normal Test, Low Libido

HI guys, am new on here and wondering if anyone could help me please.
Heres my story
IN 2017 i took Test e for 6 weeks and carried on to the deca, tren and test mix for another 2 weeks. stupid thing to do. I then had a family and personal issues and left out PCT. fast forward a year later 2018, i did PCT of rohm tabs and then took caberlogine for prolcactin.
Since i completed PCT i have had no libido, my hormones seen fine fomr blood test. I will attach a copy of my recent blood test.
Could anyone help me as to what i can do next, to help regain my lidibo.

DHEA-S, SHBG and free testosterone levels would be helpful. Also free T3.

Thank you, appreciate the reply. I am seeing a doctor next Tuesday morning. I will get my blood test done and ask him to include those.

You should also check how the doc is assessing your Free T. It may be erroneous if its calculated.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I will do.
Anymore suggestions welcome!
Am wondering if I could do
Either one of those may help, maybe?

Not gonna lie, am really scared. I literally can not think or have the urge for sex.

Slow your roll…talk with your doc and assess from there. Also your post might be more appropriate in the Pharma forum as we dont do PCT on TRT.

Hey thanks for the reply, I have talked to my doc and he’s been pretty clueless.
Yeah sorry about the post on here didn’t know where to post. New on forum.
I saw the doctor and urologist and they both said my hormones are okay. Nothing much they can do.
Am wondering if it could be low dopamine but I’ve taken dopamine supplements and they just give me a headache

We can’t tell you how much testosterone is bioavailable and circulating in the blood without testing Free T, SHBG should also be tested.

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Dopamine supplements are the LAST thing you should be worrying about. Also, long term use of dopa supplements can bring some nasty side effects.

Stop the dopa and get the correct blood work done.

Thanks guys, appreciate the reply! I will ask my doc next Tuesday for an extensive blood/hormone test