Normal T, Low SHBG, Very High Estrogen & DHT

Hi everyone i just joined this website and have read through several TRT forums and have learnt the basics of TRT. To begin with I would like to inform yall that i never really felt like a man i am able to masturbate or have sex without any problems except for when im cutting or losing weight for bodybuilding purposes however my sex drive in general is very low as i get almost no morning wood inspite of being a very fit person as i have been lifting weights since the past 7 years random erections are also non existent unless im using zma

i have been using zma since the past several years to reduce the insomnia which i have been having since several years the insomnia gets really bad if i have a lot of caffeine or workout a few hours before going to bed apart from this i also have a baby face and when i say baby face i mean to say that my face literally almost hasnt hit puberty along with my body its really embarassing and depressing as i am 27 years old already and still look like a child my facial hair growth is also laughable and looked like a 16 year olds until i used minoxidil only for my beard which gave me a full beard but its still very thin and i have a very few hair follicles on my face also while bulking my face gets very round and puffy which im assuming is because of the high estrogen levels and while on creatine my face beccomes as round as a football. So i have been off creatine since the past 2 years.

Another embarassing thing is that i have an hourglass body like that of a woman and im not joking here my body literally looks like that of a woman especially while bulking as the hips are round and curvy and i have big glutes with a small waist i will attach pictures if yall dont believe me. I also have extreme social anxiety and its so bad that i cant even walk properly in front of people. I even look very awkward while talking to people. The only thing that helps reduce the anxiety is alcohol which i rarely drink. This is very frustrating as its ruining my social life and i had to reject a few girls because of this.

Physique wise i do have a good physique and that is only because i have good muscle insertions a good diet and a small waist strength in the gym is also good. The only thing i feel motivated to do is go to the gym and thats because i am very passionate about it. Apart from that i have no drive to do anything else. I also suffer from very bad brain fog and low memory and these things get worse if i slept less or masturbated so the only thing that helps me here is being on nofap and fapping only on weekends when i have my workoffs. Body hair growth is also bad as i have extremely light hair on my chest and stomach nothing on my back and very light hair on my arms aswell. The only hairy parts are my lower legs pubic hair and underarm hair. Hair on the upper thighs are also light. The social anxiety also gets aggravated if i dont sleep enough or have caffeine.

Please help me people as i dont understand how can a man have such high estrogen levels while having very high DHT levels at the same time. My bmi is also just 22 percent and my body fat is also not high enough to have that high levels of estrogen as my bodyfat is just 19 percent. My total weight is 165 pounds and i am decently muscular. I am 5 feet eight and a half inches tall and dont smoke but drink maybe once in a month. I am also a very emotional person and im sure this is because of the high estrogen levels and the social anxiety is also most likely because of the high estrogen levels. I also feel exhausted very often. My face also looks so feminine that i am embarassed to shave it. I need to reduce the estrogen levels to normal levels so please help i was thinking of taking pct drugs like clomid or novaldex as i heard that it reduces estrogen.

I have never used any form of steroids in the past. I dont mind using trt via the injecting into the fat method but am concerned about my fertility levels even though im not sure if i am fertile right now so please help me regarding that aswell. Self confidence is something that is pretty much non existent in me. Someone please help me as i cant take this anymore i have reached the saturation point and need a solution to these problems. I am going to attach the blood test reports which i took last month as per the complete guide to trt forum. The estrogen levels are checked via sensitive assay method I even reconfirmed it and looking at me no one would even doubt that i have high estrogen levels. Please help. Here is the report.

Testosterone- 604.47 ng/dl. Biological reference interval- 260-1000
Dihydro testosterone- 1403.44 pg/ml reference range 250-990
SHBG- 17.5 nmol/l ref range 11.7-137.2
Free test serum method elisa 19.2 pg/ml ref range 3.84-34.17
Cortisol 12.56 ug/dl via serum method clia 8 am 5.0-23.0 4 pm 3.0-16.0
Estradiol 39.35 pg/ml via serum method CLIA sensitive assay ref range 10-50
FSH- 5.17 mIU/ml ref range 1.4-18.1
Luteinizing hormone(lh) 5.66 mIU/ml ref range 1.5-9.3

PSA 0.99 ng/ml via serum method clia ref range 0-4

Thyroid profile
Total T3 108.61 ng/dl ref range 60-200

Total T4- 9.6 ug/dl ref range 4.5-12.0

TSH- 3.147 uIU/ml ref range 0.35-5.5
These 3 tests for thyroid were done by the serum method clia.

Vitamin D 25 -OH vitamin D 41.19 ng/ml ref range this is high as im supplementing with vitamin d

I don’t see anything wrong on your testosterone panel, Total T is 604 and SHBG 17.5 giving you a Free T percentage of 2.93 percent, we know normally 2-3% of our testosterone is free and bioavailable.

Low SHBG could be explained by low thyroid function, obesity and insulin resistance. T3 isn’t optimal and insurance doctors don’t optimize your health. I would be surprised if a doctor treated your thyroid, going private opens many doors.

TSH is too high and testing could have included antibody testing, TSH is hinting the thyroid is struggling.

A couple of things, first, I’d take a hard look at thyroid. You need free T3, free T4 and reverse T3 tested.

Second, reading your story and history, I would look unto testosterone. You are not optimal and I think you’d be a lot happier bumping total and free test up 50%.

Yes thanks I will get them tested asap and post the results here however regarding testosterone i honestly doubt I need to bump it up as the results I posted here for it i took the blood tests at 3 pm in the afternoon so im pretty sure that had i taken it in the early morning the results would have been around 750-800. Was wondering can anything be done to get the estrogen levels to normal levels and how do i increase the shbg levels and reduce the dht levels as they are very high so was wondering if it may be dangerous as i heard that it may cause hairfall and increase the chances of having prostate cancer.

Thanks I am gonna get the entire thyroid profile checked but tell me honestly is it possible to get my thyroid levels and estrogen levels normal if yes then how? Also what is the reason for me having such an high estrogen level?

OK, I based that on your symptoms, not your numbers. You could try DIM for any E2 symptoms. For SHBG, as mentioned, check out your thyroid. Also, low fat diet and fiber. Coffee. How is your glucose level?

I have a handfull of oats everyday along with 2 bananas for fibre apart from that i do get extra fibre from veggies or fruits every now and then and regarding the symptoms couldnt that also be caused due to my abnormaly high estrogen levels?

Not sure they are abnormally high.

I cant have coffee as that increases the anxiety and it gives me insomnia i love coffee but had to stop drinking it because of thesr reasons and regarding glucose I havent checked it yet. I will try dim however just wanted to make sure it does not have any side effects just wanted to make sure that it wont affect any other hormones apart from estrogen.

What about de-caf? I’ve never even tasted coffee, but I read a study somewhere that showed it boosted SHBG. Can’t recall if it was the caffeine or the coffee, probably something in coffee besides caffeine, or else we’d hear about this from energy drinks.

The problem is the decaf ones also have a bit of caffeine in them and they cost a lot more than the regular one here.

OK, just trying some ideas.

tell us more about your diet macros percentage. did you check your insulin , and glycated hemoglobin , TGO TGP ? do you have intestinal constipation or any other?

I checked my haemoglobin levels and they are normal and i dont have intestinal constipation as i rarely get constipated. My diet macros are not fixed it changes as per my physique goals currently im recomping so i eat everything in moderation on weekdays and on weekends i eat everything and my protein intake is always high. On weekdays i follow flexible dieting. However its only been a month since i started dieting and prior to that i was on maintainence calories for a long time. What is tgo and tgp?

No problem man I appreciate the help.