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Normal Serum, Low Free

Long story short, my libido is gone. I feel tired and need old man naps. I’m 38, fit, military, no excess weight, but am struggling to find the energy each day to maintain fitness. Let me say again, I no longer need or desire sex and it ain’t cause of ed. My drive is gone. My energy is gone.

Test numbers are.

Serum 621 ng/dL (normal 264-916)

Free 7.3 pg/mL (8.7 -25.1)

Due to my total test being normal, I was denied treatment. But looking at my free test… Yeah life sucks right now.

I’m getting my SHBG tested next week, but the best outcome I’m being provided is a temporary medication to reduce if it’s high.

I’m going through some pretty stressful training right now, and I had the numbers tested during a low stress break. My thoughts are ordering a take home kit and seeing what I can do to get to get my numbers down. I could take the blood test at 9 pm, the night before a high stakes event the next day, after eating a full meal, an 8 mile run, and no sleep. I bet I could get my total test down to sub 300.

I want to get test. I don’t want to spend a lot of money. I want to legally get it in the mail. I will literally knife fight someone to start feeling better and have an interest in sex again.

Any suggestions?

The ideal solution would be to send in my current results to some online clinic and get stuff in the mail next week. My fear is ordering a bunch of tests and still not getting any treatment and then having the wife pissed because I spent $800 on random blood tests.

Contact @dextermorgan, he’s got a doc he can set you up with that will help. $150 a month. His email is in his profile.

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Thank you. I am miserable.

I was exactly the same. Robust test levels- low free T. My SHBG was high- im a similair age to you.

I’ve been on TRT now for about 8 weeks I think. Its not been full plain sailing but I’m 1000000x better than before.

I’d really like to know why my SHBG is high? Is it environmental factors? Genetics?

Out of interest are you getting signs of moobs?

Not yet? I’m pretty thin/low body fat though. I’m 5’10" and weigh 163. I can post my full lab results here if anyone is interested.

I was pretty similar when I started, shbg was 151, total T was mid to high, free T was always very low. Textbook symptoms.

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It’s ~100nmol


What’s the diet like? You doing keto or carnivore? Low carb?

Mostly low carb, high protein but not very strict. Certainly not keto. Occasionally some of the kiddos Halloween candy.

Insulin lowers SHBG, so low carbers typically see higher levels, that’s why I asked. But probably not in your case.

An enlightened clinic would probably help you.

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I ate Reece’s for dinner and still had shbg that high, but I think I’m a weird case.

Have you ever taken finasteride or anything similar?