"Normal" Range Test, High LH & FSH


Im hoping someone can give me some input on whats going on here and if TRT might be helpful for me.

Started working out a year ago, at age 41. Few months after i started, i got gyno so went to the doctor to have him look at it. My bloodwork showed test within normal range, but LH & FSH about double of normal. He sent me to have an ultrasound of my testicles which showed nothing, then to have an MRI of my pituitary since the next bloodwork showed elevated prolactin aswell, but also my pituitary was ok.

Because of these values my doc accused me of doing some kind of AAS, which i never did. Next time my E2 was crashed, so then i got accused of doing AI’s (which i didn’t do either)

Recently i saw an endo and his diagnose was E29.9 Testicular dysfunction after listening to my symptoms and a rather quick examination. Mostly because i have some pain in the testicles and they have shrinked and are hanging high.

Strange thing is although my FSH,LH,E2 and SHBG is unchanged, the gyno disappeared about 5-6 weeks ago, and now is almost non visable. I do have some random itching in my nipples, but not all the time like before. (Also i should mention i had gyno in both sides with very swollen breast glands and alot of tenderness)

Other things i feel i should mention:
Feeling of fatigue
Mood swings
general feeling like crap
Not gaining much muscle even though i work out hard for a year
Put on weight, about 13 kgs since last may/june (mostly around the middle)
some joint pain
Bad memory and brain fog
Sometimes having trouble getting and maintaining an erection

Probably a lot of other things i should mention aswell, but English is not my first languange and im trying for this to not get to long, so i probably forgot some info.

Endo said my test was to high to start TRT at this point, but i should keep testing every 6 months in case it gets lower. Im not really ready to just accept that and just keep feeling like crap, so thats why im seeking some advice here.

Link to my bloodwork here