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Normal Kid Meets Powerlifter


You guys will love this!


hahaha that was hilarious


Normal Kid: I have read in a magazine that you should do partial squats, because deep squats are bad for your knees.

Powerlifter: You are a fuckin idiot.





That was actually very funny.


I know there is a Tmuscle thread that was used word for word as a transcript for that dialogue. haha


Women love money, that thing between your legs, and of course and impressive back squat.


That was very good.


Big legs makes the thing between your legs look smaller.


They're all Mark Rippetoe quotes, some slightly out of context (supplements one for example was actually a question about steroids).


Yeah that was pretty good haha




It's totally accurate. Women want a guy with a big back squat. In fact that's my first date test. Once one guy was stupid enough to glance at the pussy pad. That finished it right there.


ouroboro_s: im confused, are you serious?:smiley: I really dont know:D



On the bright side though, my guy has a big back squat :slight_smile:


fucking hillarious
this makes me wanna jack up my squat


x2 i feel like squatting now :slight_smile:


lol x2, I lost is right there. The monotone got me.


That had to be the best thing I've seen on Youtube in a very long time. It was funny and inspirational. And now I know how to cure cancer and meet girls.


That was brilliant, especially after getting home after setting a rep PR in back squats (185x8 if you were wondering)