Normal Injection Pain?

Hello all, just started my first ever cycle on sunday. Doing 375 mg of test enth sunday mornings and wednesday nights with 25 gauge 1" needles. I have read the injection pain sticky. First injection I did in my quad. My quad was sore for 3 days, felt like I got kneed in the thigh maybe, no redness or swelling. I did my second in my glute. It is very sore today, again no redness or swelling or any signs of infection, just very sore. Again like I got kneed or did a leg workout after not lifting legs for 2 months. Is this normal? I have never done cycles before this and not sure what the “feeling” is supposed to be. Another question how do I know if it is penetrating deep enough into the muscle, could that be a problem? Thanks guys.

it gets better, don’t worry about it.

Hahaha, welcome.

I remember my 4th shot left me bed ridden for 4 hours then it slowly eased and I went and squatted on the same day somehow.

Hahah thanks glad to be here. I just wanted to make sure its nothing serious and just wanted to no if this is normal. But ibuprofen definitely helps. Just glad no redness or swelling or anything like that.