Normal HRT Doctor Behavior


I am working with HRT doctor right now, but I do not believe our interactions are happening the way they are supposed to go. For example, I crashed my E2 with Arimidex 0.25 mg E3D. I contacted him regarding what should I do, and his response was - take Arimidex less frequently. My expectation was that I do not have to fly blind, but have a specific guidance from him. How to reduce my dose, should it be 0.125 or less. Maybe even get a prescription for liquid arimidex compound, and start dosing arimidex really slow, to lower E2, but not too much. This is in my opinion what the HRT doctor should do while tuning HRT protocol.

I wanted to ask people on HRT - what is your experience dialing in your HRT? Is doctor working with you actively testing/retesting, and discussing blood test results? Or are you pretty much on your own, and do whatever you want/need to achieve results?

Please share.

What is your estradiol number . Please post all your current relevant labs.

My labs are at

I do not know my estrogen right now - but I suspect it is high. I am not on AI, and when this happens E2 goes into 40’s.

I just wanted to know - if you are working with HRT doctor, is it normal for you to be responsible for your labs, determine your Arimidex dosage, etc. This is what happens to me. I am ordering testing through privateMDlabs, I decide how much arimidex to take, etc. The doctor is just a ‘prescription guy’. Is this normal?

In the thousands of threads I have read here and around the net, sadly…yes, it’s the norm.
Perhaps those that find great HRT docs never venture to the net for answers, but
I suspect that HRT is not taken seriously by many physicians.

One of the first things I learned at T-Nation was to take charge of your own health. Insist on labs,
on attention from your Dr. and for answers. If they will not provide them, you fire that Dr, and
find one that will listen and help as well as take your money.

My Dr. is a complete joke, I keep him around for semi annual check ups, blood work and a script
(even though I don’t use what he prescribes).

So it sounds like even HRT clinic is not a holy grail, you still are on your own, huh?

HRT clinics are better bets the most Docs, but they are really expensive.

This is the only forum that I contribute to, although I find Meso-rx to be outstanding as well.
I also belong to a private group that you can join on FB that’s moderated by Dr. Michael Scally
whom is one of the world’s foremost authorities on HRT.
Its called Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)/ Androgen Induced Hypogonadism (AIH), its private from
non members, but is free to join.

If you need to e-mail me I am at mlr6996athotmaildotcom.

Most docs are unaware of the issues for anastrozole over-responders. See advice for new guys sticky.

One thing is ‘doctors are unaware’. What I am facing is slightly different. In my mind what makes a good TRT doctor is constant follow up on how patient feels. Right now for example I have no guidance from mine, just a bottle of cyp, HCG, and Arimidex. he does not adjust the dose, just gives general brief comments. Essentially acts as a prescription service. I understand that little needs to be adjusted when the protocol is set and tuned. But I am not anywhere close to that point.