Normal for Squat To Be So Much Weaker Than My Deadlift?

Yeah man go for it! Im also interested to see how strong you are on conventional/sumo. Will be a bit higher then your deficit.


Followed you ( duke_aesthetics) , make it not private so we can see it tho.


Inb4 next Konstantin Konstantinovs.

Not a fan of rounded back deadlifts myself but I’m just a sumo cheater. If you’re strong that way stick to it. You maximise the benefits of sumo by pulling with a flat back. The way you deadlift conventional and the way your appear to be strong doesn’t really suit sumo me thinks

You watched the video?

Looks pretty good. You come forward a bit on one rep and your hips shoot back on another. Just keep focussing on keeping your knees forward as you come out of the hole.

Ναί…Do you see that you round your back?

Yes i do

Its not a bad thing. A style maybe. As long as you don;t round your lower back it pretty safe. Look at Konstantinov’s pull. He uses rounded upper back to put himself in a mechanically advantageous position.

Its early in your lifting career so you have time to switch/change to whatever style you wish but since you’re apparently strong this way best maximise it rather than fight it.


Yes i get what you’re saying bud.Thanks

That’s my main concern here. It might work for you in the short term but it greatly increases the risk of back injury. Some people can get away with it, and the fact that you are only doing one work set per week should reduce the odds of injury, but still it’s a concern.

I thought upper back rounding was quite safe,especially if you train lower back and abs directly like i do.

Bad news bears mane your lower back is rounding too lel

I don’t know what you’re seeing here, his lower back is definitely rounded. It’s not end range flexion, but it’s certainly not neutral.

Wasn’t implying that he isn’t rounding his lower back…

Damn.I will try to fix that.Probably the fact that i am pulling from a deficit makes things worse

Excuses lel

See above comments

Either pull with a flat back or learn how to brace like hell and buy a powerlifting belt. And accept the risk on injury.

I would have to look up the exact quote, but basically Stuart McGill (the world’s leading back specialist, has worked with PLers like Chris Duffin, Brian Carroll, and Blaine Sumner) said that ideally you would lift with a neutral spine (flat back) but the next best is pulling with a rounded back but bracing and allowing no flexion beyond what you started with.