Normal for Squat To Be So Much Weaker Than My Deadlift?

I have been running jason blaha’s 5x5 novice program for 3 months now.My squat 1rm is 120 kg(265 lbs)and ass to grass,and my
4 inch deficit deadlift 1rm is 180 kg(397 lbs).This program has me squatting 3 times per week,but deadlifts are only 1 top set of 5 once a week.What am i doing wrong?Shouldn’t my squat be much closer to my deadlift?
Weight:60 kg(130 lbs)
Height:167 cm(5’5)
Eating about 3k calories per day currently and aiming for about 130g of protein per day.

This is not unusual. If you are stalling on the squat, post a video to make sure there is no form issues holding you back.

This thread proves you can make good progress with a pretty rubbish program. Great job!

Not typical but as long as you are still making gains on both it doesn’t really matter. Great deadlift tho.

You may not have a bad squat at all but a good deadlift. Maybe your squat is actually lagging. Either way you have to play with the cards you are dealt. Progress should be your concern not the ratio between lifts.

With raw lifting it is normal for most, especially a beginner to have a significantly higher deadlift.

High bar squat form check - YouTube That’s my squat form.If you have anything to correct or optimize i would appreciate it!

Did you just start lifting 3 months ago? If not, how were you training previously? It sounds to me like you might just be well suited to deadlifting, get your weight up to 165-180 and you should be pulling 600+.

I started deadlifting a few weeks ago.I used to train push pull legs style for like 9 months but i didn’t like it.Never tried deadlifts until recently.

What the fuck? Let me get this straight, you are 130lbs. and just started deadlifting and you are already pulling over triple your bodyweight from a 4 inch deficit? Unless I’m not reading this properly, it sounds like you are on your way to pulling some huge fucking weights. Don’t complain if your squat isn’t that great, you have only been training for a year and it’s not bad at all at your size. Just keep doing what you are doing and keep us up to date.

Thanks man,will keep you updated

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How old are you anyway?

Turned 17 a few days ago.

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Wow. You are destined to be an elite deadlifter.

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What the fuck. 17? You’re strong as hell.

Yep, he’s going to be busting records.

Thanks guys,really appreciate it.Do you think switching to sumo will benefit me in terms of the weights i am pulling?

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Some people pull more conventional, some pull more sumo, it depends. It’s worth experimenting with both and seeing which works best for you, sumo is usually harder to learn to do properly for most people though.

Thanks bro!

Vids of you deadlifting would help with answering that

Should i post an instagram link right here?

As long as its not one of your basic fitness chick glute work out lel