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Normal for DB Bench Press to be Almost the Same as Barbell?

Hello everyone,

My 1rm with no spotter for dumbells chest press is along the lones of 110-125. Truly depends on the quality of sleep I had and that’s the highest I’ve ever tried to go. Could be more. Anyways. I struggle with a plate on each side, and a 25 lb weight. So like 160 (45lb bar).

I’m more of a squater, shoulder presses and dead lifter for strength. Hitting 400+ on two of those and obviously a lot lower for shoulder presses. So I’m not the weakest guy in the world.

Tl;dr I’m getting stronger with dumbell chest press but not with barbell bench press. I haven’t been doing this for more than like 2 or 3 months but my bench press is just not getting better, why not? I’m 6’4 with an almost 7’0 ft wing span if that helps.
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You either have a terrible form on your upper or lower body lifts. We need videos

I wouldn’t say 110-125 is almost 165.


That’s definitely all technique related. YouTube (Brian Alshrue and Zach Homel have a bunch on this that are great quality) videos will go a long way but having an experienced coach/trainer spend an hour with you on technique will drastically change things since it sounds like strength isn’t really the issue

I’m confused. With dumbbells, you press 125s? A 125 pound dumbell in each hand? This is a 1RM?

I don’t quite understand your barbell math, either? A plate on each side, plus a 25 would be 185 pounds. Is that your 1RM?

Besides the number weirdness… yeah, that just doesn’t make sense.

Why are you doing 1rm with Dumbbells? That is asking for injury.

That would be 185 lbs

6’4 at what bodyweight?

If you’re pressing 125 lb DBs, you are benching more than 185, even if you have never touched a barbell in your life.


This dude means a pair of 55 dumbbells. Maybe the 62.5’s if he had a good night of sleep.


Or he’s doing a very limited range of motion on dbs.

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People can usually do with 2 dbs combined about 75% whatever they can do with a barbell, so with that in mind, no, your db benching is not out of whack.

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thread is dumb.


Skipped most of the thread, but…

You will get stronger on any movement you do repeatedly whether you’re building muscle or not (neurological efficiency).

IMO DB’s are more natural in terms of movement, and most of the better developed chests I’ve seen make use of more DB work than BB work, but nothing is 100% of course.

If my chest looked good from DB work, I wouldn’t care if I couldn’t BB bench 500 lbs.