Normal Everything but HIGH Estradiol Level & ED is Ruining My Life

LOL please ignore my last post. There was a problem with my scale. I haven’t lost much weight, if any at all.

Small update: still at the increased dose of 1mg/week. Lowered tamoxifen to 10mg EOD and will continue to taper down. Not sure if it’s even doing anything positive since my LH was so low on last blood work.

Morning wood and erections throughout the day VERY solid.
Maintaining erections during intercourse, still definitely lacking a lot.
Libido is better, but not great. I’d say 5/10. But it was 0/10 when I came here.

Curious to see next blood work, feel like I’m getting closer to the solution.

Question: what do I do once I reached the optimal AI dose and optimal E2? How long do I need to continue using it? Do I taper down at some point? When?

AI is forever as needed to maintain target E2 level.

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I quit the SERM two weeks ago and since then my morning wood started disappearing. I assume because SERM increases E2, this means I should lower my AI intake again. Went from 0.35mg EOD (during SERM intake) to 0.25mg EOD for an entire week. First day I was rock hard but the rest of the week morning wood was soft. Now trying 0.15mg EOD since today. Will report by next week how I feel. I hope what I’m doing makes sense and I will some day find the optimal dose, as I still haven’t experienced any sort of youthful libido ever since the start of this venture.