Normal Estradiol Range?

What is the normal range for estradiol?
Just got my results and I have 49pg/ml, is that within the range? Thanks

That’s going to depend on which estrogen testing you use, there is the Liquid Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (aka LC/MS/MS method) <35 and the Roche ECLIA methodology.

You will find healthy young men with estrogen <35 and obese men 35>. In fact DR. Saya has published papers on men with natural testosterone and estrogen 35> and are showing signs of partial HPTA suppression.

You should be concerned with whether or not you have symptoms related to high estrogen, high estrogen can turn man into a emotional bitch, brain fog, fatigue, low libido, problems maintaining erections and water retention.

I often hear men say who have high estrogen that they don’t feel any benefits from TRT.

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I have high E2 and High Test and feel great. Check out my post from earlier this year

Just as TRT doctors will not put any stock in “normal” testosterone ranges, we shouldn’t for estradiol either. The question is, do you have any symptoms that could be associated with low or high estradiol levels, and if so, why.

That is exactly how I feel, 100% accurate. Thats why I started trt, but after some months I have some more muscle mass but not change in the symptoms that you describe. I dont know what my estradiol level was prior trt, but I already had some little gynecomastia.
So what do you think? May the problem be too much estrogen instead of too little testosterone?

Did you have your total T and free T checked?


Get free T levels high enough and estrogen levels are irrelevant. The progressive doctors we deal with do not even measure it anymore. These are symptoms of insufficient levels of free T and not symptoms of high E2. @systemlord I have explained this at length in at least 100 posts on this forum and have at least ten videos on the subject on our YouTube channel with doctors speaking about this at length. I have NO idea why you insist on continuing to spread false information. For the 1000th time, we have tons of guys with E2 over 100 who having raging libido and erections and feel amazing. The difference is their free T levels are optimized unlike what you are doing with your 7mg a day.

Why do you continue to do this? Why give information that we can demonstrate time and time again to be false? Estrogen is directly responsible for libido and erections. Lower it and guess what happens?

The side effects you speak of are due to hormone fluctuations and not high E2. Again, we have tons of content and literature on the subject. I did an experiment lately where I moved back to twice weekly injections using my same weekly dose and, guess what? All those issues returned.

You need to stop giving out such nonsensical and utterly false advice to the newbies coming here to learn. I feel like for every ten men I help a day there are ten who’s protocols get completely shattered with your advice. Stop it already.


What is You tube channel name?

I’d like to take a look.

TRT and Hormone Optimization

Yet another discussion on E2.
We went from “E2 is the plague of our century” to “let your E2 run wild and go over 100” so it can match your wife’s.

I will look at your videos, but your statements have been empirically dismissed by many of us that don’t tolerate an E2 out of range, included myself.
Also papers on the mortality graph and E2 levels in men are out there, and been reported many times. With low E2 being the worst, followed by high E2.
And no, I don’t use AIs and I don’t feel well on them.

People feeling well on such protocols are due to the T:E ratio, that was treated as Bro science until few months ago, and now ramping back up in fashion.
Anyone who ever did a cycle will confirm that.

The big questions that anyone can’t answer are:

“Do you know the long term effect of supra physiological level of T and E2 on your body?”

Why those levels haven’t been ever observed in healthy young men, athletes included?

Also, I’ve been in disagreement with Systemlord several times, but this is a forum and everyone should be able to express his opinion, unless it goes against the forum rules itself.
After all the forum is still overloaded with Ksman bro science and God knows the damage he has done to random users reading his posts.

@appassionato what exactly are you trying to say? I read it twice and your point wasn’t apparent to me.

That we went from “E2 must be 23 pg/mL” to “people are feeling amazing with E2>100” in the span of 2 years.
I’d like to see more prudence in statements like that, usually truth is in the middle ground.

We are dealing with people health and no one here is a doctor.

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Here’s a doctor’s take

Which post?

Most everything he’s posted is must read start to finish, so many nuggets in there.

That’ll take like a week

The topic summary says 138 minutes… You can do it, hahahah.

It will take a while, shitter worthy for sure. I read it real time as it was unfolding. It was must read as it was happening.

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K I’ll read it tomorrow at work. It was slow af today anyways.

Just read a little at a time. That’s the guy who’s had the biggest effect on changing the forums AI thinking. He’s a 270lb endocrinologist focused on hormones with a thriving TRT practice

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I see something on this forum that contradicts what you’re saying, guys lowering the dosage or taking a small AI dosage and symptoms are resolved. The lowering of the estrogen and the testosterone improved the symptoms. When I see this happen not once, but over and over again, when I see you come in here with "estrogen is irrelevant’, it just boggles the mind.

I truly believe the only reason some guys who take your side over good old common sense is your Youtube channel gives you fame, the only way you can override common sense.

I used to feel the same way with Jay’s YouTube channel, the longer I watched the more I knew I was fooling myself and I came to my senses and realized I had allowed myself to become compromised with someone who claimed to have all the answers that only fit a one way thinking.

I appreciate what he’s doing and still watch his channel from time to time, but I will pick out the stuff I know if BS. To those out there who have bought into one way dbossa way of thinking, you can only allow yourself to be fooled for so long.

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