Normal E2 But High Total Estrogen

So I am at a loss for words with doctors. Anyhow, I keep coming across this forum as I search for answers on my own, so I figured I would join and see if anyone can help me out. I have had a slight case of gyno for as long as I can remember. The breast on one side has been tender off and on for the last 5 years or so, but recently has become more consistent. I had my test and estrogen blood work done to have the following:

total test - 377
my E2 was normal at 22
but my total estrogen was 218

One doctor wanted to put me on depo test right away, another wanted to put me on an estrogen blocker. my concern is that

  1. neither of them can tell me what is causing my total estrogen to be so high
  2. if i us an estrogen blocker, wouldn’t that take my E2 to an abnormal low level and cause other issues?

Are there natural supplements to take that are safer and proven to work? I recently lost over 30 lbs (dieting pretty hard) 190 to 160 lbs in about 4-6 months and have also had alot of stress/anxiety for the last 4 months also with my marital life. Could those things have thrown my numbers off? I have zero other symptoms besides a slight gyno problem. I should also add, that I took ergopharm 1-ad about 12 years ago and did have any side effects except the gyno a fews years later.

Thanks everyone!!

Are you overweight? What specifically did the doctors say about the high total estrogen level? I think gyno can only be caused by e2/prolactin, so maybe your gyno issues are from the past use of the medicine you mentioned (no experience with that).

Are you having any other negative symptoms? Most of the online literature I have read always points to Estradiol (e2) as the problem causing estrogen. However I haven’t researched much into whether E1 and E3 in excess, cause issues. (Check below link, some dudes were getting high e2 symptoms, with other high estrogens)

Edit: Don’t use an AI, your e2 is fine. That may change with TRT, but for now, don’t lower your e2.

Hey Alpha! Thanks for the response. I was overweight about 4-6 months ago. I cut calories and lost about 30-35 lbs. I haven’t worked out in about 2-3 years and was eating very unhealthy. So now Im about 155-160 lbs and 5’8. The doctors don’t seem to know what theyre doing. I had to ask for this blood work from my primary and then when the results came back he wanted to shoot me with depo test. I then saw an endo and he did more blood work. Standard estradiol, total estrogen, thyroid stuff and total test. He suggested an AI, but I refused anything until we could find out the problem. Ive done more research on the 1-ad (prohormone), and have been reading that it doesn’t covert to estrogen. So I am not thinking that was the problem after all. I am trying to eat to balance things out and cannot decide on what natural supplements to take to help. Thoughts on the stress/anxiety being the cause?

So i’m assuming your not having negative symptoms since you didn’t mention anything.

I would go on the TRT.