Normal Dose Test or Low Dose Test+ Anadrol

I tried anadrol 50mg with 400mg test, usually test at 400-500 alone blows up my red blood cell count enough I knew I would be in trouble if I tried adding A bombs but I didn’t expect my appetite to tank so much when coupled with it’s toxicity
no point in blowing myself up with anabolics when I can’t eat as much, but I still want to try a different compound than test after 3 blasts of test only ( I don’t have acess to anything other than pharma grade a bombs and test) so I wanted to ask ;
should I try 200mg test and 50mg a bombs? or am I better off with another 400mg test blast?
goal isn’t even strength just purely mass, lost a lot of weight after my divorce and lack of gym so I’m looking to fit back into my clothes again

If you did fine with solo test before, I would suggest sticking with the fewest compounds possible that still produce results.

I should say it’s important to get your training and diet on point naturally prior to jumping back into full blast mode.

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Why is that bad? Test is in medicine partly because of this benefit.
If you were on steroids and your RBC was normal, i dont think shit would work.

Is there a problem with your throat or stomach? Like, does food come back up when you swallow?

I have never noticed anadrol do this… well, mostly because if one is bulking, he shouldnt notice his appetite at all as you should always be holding in your vomiting, and eating on top of it.
I dont even know what it is - appetite, when you bulk. You blend chicken with nacho chips and tomatoe juice and you chug it 6 times a day. There is no need for appetite as you should never be even half-way hungry.

Sure, if thats something you cant do - stick to test and just do as much as you “can”.
For me, i just dont see the point of even taking steroids if not wanting to eat is big enough problem that you actually DONT eat because of it.
What happens when you cut? You want to eat so you eat? And then you ask advice how much tren to take because you dont lose weight? :smiley: I mean - wanting something has nothing to do with things we actually do, right? :slight_smile:


well I been doing it naturally full effort for a month now and muscle memory been treating me good gained some fast I’m also a druggie so here I came lol
I only blasted a couple times and second time was definitely as productive as the first but I figure maybe them receptors got used to test alone, does it happen?

You could probably find studies showing something about androgenic system response to AAS, but that’s out of my wheelhouse.

TBH I would start off with 200mg test weekly alone and ride it out until you feel you are back to your previous strength before even considering a blast. 200mg/wk is a high-end TRT dose and should still produce significant results. You can blast, but why bother at the cost of health?

This makes no sense to me. When bulking you should be eating by the clock, not your appetite. If you get hungry, you screwed up…


Yes, this principle is what i grew up with.


On my last blast, I very much missed being hungry. Except at bed time. Not laying in bed hungry was a bonus.

IMO, I would stack 50mg/day Anadrol with 200mg/wk testosterone (either E or C) for only 8 weeks, and no more than twice per year.

Next I would work at finding a source for different anabolic steroids. The you could restrict your time on Anadrol to 4 weeks.

gee thanks for the advice nomad I’m 18 and just started lifting I didn’t already know that I need to meet a certain calorie surplus to gain weight instead of eating whenever I feel like, which is clearly what I was asking about in this thread

Polycythaemia can lead to blood clots

Higher RBC’s will increase athletic prowess to a degree… too high and you’ll start experiencing adverse side effects

Blood doping to increase endurance (EPO/transfusions) also leads to issues… because a HCT of 60% isn’t healthy.

To simply explain, thick blood can clot easily.

Yes, and the fact that steroids build muscle, means that they can also build muscle in the heart leading to LVH and thickening of the walls in the heart, right?
We still say that test builds muscle before we say that test builds heart.
Inreased RBC is also what gives the pump, vascularity, endurance, strenght, etc.
What i ment basically was that people take a drug thats SUPPOSED to increase RBC and then stress about it doing the thing it was supposed to do. Its like taking viagra and saying “yea but my dick gets hard easy so im not sure if i should take it”.

Steroids also cause platelet aggregation through a myriad of mechanisms unrelated to polycythemia

I suppose… you are correct. Androgens increase RBC count

However most want to avoid developing polycythaemia on AAS. Thus freaking out in response to your lipids getting trashed or RBC count shooting through the roof is somewhat valid, even if it is expected.

This is much too young to use gear. Your body is still developing.

Use this time while your still young to learn how to eat and train. Get to your genetic limit without taking anything more.

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My recommendation is to use the term erythrocytosis here so we can move people past the confusion of PCV vs erythrocytosis secondary to exogenous T use.

I realize it’s a big ask since physicians and researchers regularly still do the same in papers. But it would be a small step towards improving understanding and confusion.

I see the thickening of the blood with blasting as a contributing factor to heart hypertrophy. You are directly stimulating heart hypertrophy with androgens, and indirectly by things like high BP from more RBCs, water retention, etc.

Limiting the factors that contribute to perhaps the worst side effect of AAS use seems smart.

I wouldn’t worry about high RBCs for a short duration if BP is in check, and I am not in the age range that a heart attack or stroke is likely. If BP is high, cardio is the first step to lower, then probably low dose ARB (half of starting dose). If BP is still too high for my liking, then I guess hoping off the sauce is the next move. For what it is worth, the first two steps worked for me last blast, but I did them out of order, drugs, then added cardio. Now I am consistent on my LISS cardio, so hopefully no BP issues.

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Maybe, maybe no.
Of all the active peeps here i believe i have done the most shit for the longest period of time, and i also have always had my hematocrit come back underlined red with 2 lines for as long as i remember and… i do not have heart hypertrophy thats out of the normal enlargement for active people, so i wonder if anyone here actually has it?
Not saying its not real, im just wondering how REAL the thing is and not in the studies, but in actual people we can speak to.
Altho i believe my heart health could be good due to years and years of super-intense cardio.

Much of a person’s heart health is hereditary. That must always be considered.


How bad would you like to know?

Someone’s Grandma lived to be 96 years old smoking 2 packs a day of Kool cigarettes. Should we recommend smoking those given that anecdotal data point?

I see this a lot and I myself am guilty. We constantly look for ways to rationalize and make ourselves feel better about the abuse we are doing.

Ethical thing to do is always look out for the most vulnerable or median case not the genetic aberrant that can take anything.

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