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Normal Bloods, Low Libido and ED After PCT


I finished my second cycle of test e 750mg for 10 weeks and i did nolva, clomid pct

Its been two weeks since i finished the pct and i still have ed issues so i got blood work and it came out pretty normal.

Ε2-38.22 pg/ml ref. r. 27,1 - 60,7 pg/ml
LH- 10.31mIU/ml ref. r. 1.7 - 8.6
PRL - 11.92 ng/ml ref. r 4.04 - 15.2
Total T 6.11 ng/ml ref. r 2,49 - 8,36
SHBG 43.9 nmol/l ref. r 16,5 –55,9

Any suggestion as to why i have ed with those bloods (and its definitly hormonal cause it started the second week of pct)