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Normal Blood Levels, Still Feeling Low T

27yrs, 178cm, 70kg
I had very low total t for the last 3 years (around 260ng/dl). Now suddenly i got a new blood check, and my levels are better. Still i feel bad, have no pump at the gym and cant make any muscle gain /strength progress. I dont want to wait longer, and optimize my hormones to achieve my dream body.

Can somebody analyse my labs, and give me a tip with how much test per week i should start to feel a benefit? 150 or 200mg? Ai or without? frequency?
btw i have heart arrythmias (short heart stumble) since 10 years, but a 2 cardiologist tested me and found nothing bad with my heart. So could my heart still be in danger with a trt?
I also take finasteride 1mg daily since a few months, and yes i will take the risk of side effects.
Here are my labs: (my results are on the far right column surrounded by red color. The other columns show low/high average values).

There’s not a good way to say what a given dose of test will give as far as blood levels nor provide symptom relief. Of at you suggested, I’d start with 150mg/week in divided doses so 75mg e3.5 days or so. Skip the ai. You’re willing to risk the sides of finasteride so I won’t comment further there.

Since you have a history of diagnosed arrhythmia is discuss with whatever provider will be doing the prescribing and also your cardiologist.

I think both low and high T levels can cause that so you may have to be extra careful. Perhaps starting at 100mg/week (50mg e3.5 days) instead may be prudent. That’s for you and your docs to discuss.

My doctor was willing to give me testosterone cream/gel when my levels where at 260ng/dl for a long time. I was to scared and sceptic of the gel trt, and didnt started.
Now my levels are more normal, he doesnt want to give me trt anymore.
But still that will not stop me from trying self medication. In Europe there are only 1ml/250ng real pharma ampules available… how should i manage the dose splitting?

@deusmaximus I also live in Europe. You transfer 8-9 ampules in sterile vial with rubber stopper and then draw from there.
By the way I started TRT with similar test level, around 17nmol/l

Curious, why bother with the transfer, why not just open the amps as and when needed? You could just do 125ml and hold the other 0.5ml preloaded in a syringe.

Because I do smaller dosages more often and prefer this way working with ampules

Ah that makes sense, thanks.

Its awesome you can try

Did prop EOD but dosage was probably too low so wasn’t a fan of that. I currently inject e3d, I’m not particularly sensitive with on protocol changes, having tried a fair few andI’m not overly body aware so doubt it’d be worth it for me.

I understand. I use sustanon thats why I inject EOD, with cyp or enanth probably may do 2 times a week but I dont feel as good on those esters

Where is your t now, and with what kind of dosage? Do you feel a lot of benefits?

Ive started IM injections 3 weeks ago because I tried the cream before that, the cream was a disaster to me. Only 3 weeks on injections and I feel already 70-80 percent of my best. My total t now revolves around 1000, I expect it to raise to 1400 in the following weeks
Another strange thing with me is only sustanon makes me feel really good

Do you feel different at 1000 test levels than before? How much did you have before? You think in my case going from 550 to 1000 would make a big enough difference to consider starting trt? I am just afraid of destroying my endocrine system for not enough benefit.

I also had 550 before. Now I feel best around 1400. If Im now on 700-800 I feel like pre TRT