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Norephedrine Plus MD6

I was thinking after reading some old issues …do you think it would be of any benefit to use norephedrine in addition to MD6…can u use both together at normals doses? would it work better than normal MD6? Any experiences welcome.


MD6 should already have norephedrine in it. The original form of MD6 contained norephedrine, and when they switched to epehedra sinica which contains ephedrine and norephedrine.

Adding any form of ephedrine would be a bad idea. If you are taking the maximum dose of MD6 you are most likely getting the most ephedrine you can safely take in a day.

Mage are you sure it contains both? I have never heard that…


The original incarnation of MD6 had norephedrine in it, while the second one (and probably the one you have) has Ephedra sinica in it.

Mage, I used to see you around here. Maybe you missed the second version that came out before it was discontinued altogether.

Mage is right. Check some of the back articles regarding the “new formula” for MD6. One of them will say specifically that the ephedra alkaloids used contains about 1/4 norephedrine. Hope this helps. Take care.

Ok getting mixed answers here…Would it be of any benefit to take additional pure norephedrine in addition to md6?



I would say yes, you could add some norephedrine. Ephedrine and norephedrine are different compounds, and together they would achieve pretty good results. Basically using the two together would be similar to a diol/nordiol stack.

where are you guys finding norephedrine to add?

Read the following article:


The article by Tim Patterson states:

“You see, in addition to ephedrine, the potent extract also contains four other powerful alkaloids, including our favorite l-norephedrine. I want to point out that this is only true if you’re talking about legitimate, high-quality Ephedra sinica. Fortunately, our search led us to a great source of the elegant herb extract that we’ve locked up tighter than Bambi-the-fitness-babe’s butt.”

This is the article for when they changed from the old formula to the new formula. I still think that there may be complications from such a massive dose. Although some supplements not standardized have been found to have many times the amount of ephedrine stated on the bottle. Usually articles discussing this mention people going psychotic or paranoid when they overdose on ephedrine. I personally don’t know what amounts truly lead to problems, but I trust Biotest to use the maximum they can safely use. You could be less sensitive then most people, or you could be more sensitive then most. Regardless I say be very careful if you decide to use extremely high amounts of any ephedrine.

Doc T, I’ve been off and on the forum regularly. Though I read the magazine weekly, and I try to at least get caught up on the forum once a week, I don’t always have time to post. Also I usually don’t post if somebody has beat me to it, and I have nothing to add. I also try to avoid posting on any thread that has turned into an internet fight, or flame war.

I have been here more often recently in an attempt to motivate myself a little due to a recent “fat explosion” due to stress and eating crap.

Yeah, I went back and was reading up on the “new” MD6 formulation and came upon the same thing. I stand corrected.