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Norditropin NordiFlex Prefilled Pens

Has anybody ever used Norditropin NordiFlex (Somatropin (rDNA origin) injection)? It comes in a 5 mg/1.5 mL Prefilled Pen. I got my hands on some and am curious if anyone has tried it before.

Also, the prefilled pens work in mgs. I’ve been using Jin kits and taking 2 ius a day. How do I convert the mgs to ius? How many mgs = 2 ius? I read a post earlier that said 1 mg is “roughly” = to 3 ius. Is that true? The word roughly throws me off because I try to be as exact as possible.

Here is another question for you bros:

As I mentioned, I’m taking 2 ius a day of growth. I plan on taking this for at least six months. When I’m on AAS cycles would it behoove me to bump it up to 3 or 4 ius to compliment the AAS? Then when I’m off cycle go back down to 2 ius (for the sake of $). It’s just a thought that has crossed my mind and I thought I throw it at you guys for discussion.

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Norditropin is super expensive, my guy can get it, but I can’t afford it. Not a professional athlete, I can’t afford 5000 dollars a month on GH. Although I have heard this stuff is the creme de la creme of GH, better than Sero’s and Geno’s, just tough to get a hold of at a good price. You probably only need 2 iu’s a day with the potent Nordi.

$5000? I’m paying $575 a month.

Lucky man, but then again, you are only using 2ius a day, so that will definetly cut down costs. Alot of pro athletes use 6-8 ius.

[quote]Wolfen wrote:
$5000? I’m paying $575 a month. [/quote]

Damn that’s even a lot. I am paying $482 a month and that’s for 15ml’s of Test Cyp and 2.5iu’s of GH. However the GH comes in a power form and needs to be mixed with BW prior to use. Not sure if that keeps cost lower.