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Nordiol Spray and Mag-10 combo

You guys think stacking ergo’s Nordiol Spray with MAG-10 is a good idea for a cutting cycle? i am paranoid about losing muscle on this diet, so i am taking one dose of mag-10 a day and at least 1.5 my weight in protein as well as a metabolic enhancing supplement. as well i am using clomid and arimidex the whole way through. of course i am taking my preworkout drink and postworkout carb and whey heavy drink on W/O days, and getting my protein from tuna/eggs/metrx/whey isolate. i always felt that nordiol products helped greatly on a cutting cycle. I also feel mag-10 is working wonders for burning fat and building muscle while staying at a constant bodyweight. Just did not want to waste money for another prohormone i may not need if i am on mag-10. thanks.