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Nordic Blood: Climbing And Lifting / Lifting And Climbing

I’m currently working my way through a course of antibiotics to treat a bacterial lung infection which gave symptoms very similar to CoVid. Breathing issues, persistent coughing, fevers, soreness etc. They exist.

Get well soon :+1:

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And don’t worry if it’s too much for you. I dumped a lot in that email. Writing it was cathartic.

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It was a lot of information for me to wrap my head around and a lot of situations I have no familiarity with.

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I understand that. I feel similarly.

Reading through this more carefully, sorry to learn this. Feel free to write me too if you need.

Sent you an email to the address I’ve corresponded with earlier with some content warnings which I maybe should’ve done with @dagill2 first too :expressionless:


Just caught up on the log. So sorry to hear that things are not going well…

I trust that you’ll recover (physically and mentally) and emerge stronger. You’re always so helpful to others. I sincerely hope you get the help you need