Nordic Blood: Climbing And Lifting / Lifting And Climbing

First things first: Beard looks rad!

Grip is quite wide, not necessarily a problem.
Your stance is very close and that I would consider a problem (smaller base, less stability).

Thank you. I forgot to mention it in my post but I know I don’t start the press off of my clavicles. I’ve found my problem shoulder has fewer issues when I keep the ROM like this. Basically I aim for the Adam’s apple and go from there. To be perfectly frank, I’ve found that it just gels better with the length of my forearms. I have long arms overall, and never been fantastic at pressing in any direction.

Will try a wider stance!

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I wouldn’t say the ROM is problematic at all, unless we are talking about a press with leg drive but then you would alter the elbow position and don’t encounter the same problems.

That’s absolutely true.

How do you set up to stack your forearm under the bar for best force transfer? I’ve seen some videos where people show themselves setting up the bar very low on their palm but then I can’t grasp the bar (thumbless or not)


AM: Bouldering, no videos but did a few sends I’m really happy with. Will try and repeat tomorrow!

PM: Continuing my pulley rehab. I have three weeks ahead of me of two grip types (open-hand/half-crimp) with a 2x/weekly frequency.

Hangboarding 20mm edge
4 sets of 7 seconds for three-finger open hand (-16, -12, -16, -16)
4 sets of 7 seconds for four-finger half crimp (2 sets of -24kg, 2 sets of -20kg)

Not sure how to load progress this. I was doing -18 for 30 seconds on the open-hand before and -12 was too aggressive.

Forearm stuff! I’ve reduced the load and do some wrist curls every day now at a very low intensity and that feels a lot better.



AM: Centurion Walk 30 minutes


A. Front Squat (ss: abs)
20 ab-wheel
5 @ 40

8 decline leg raises
5 @ 50

3 @ 60
2 @ 70
1 @ 80
1 @ 90
1 @ 95

3x3 @ 85

Note: I do ab-wheel with my legs pinned nowadays so I warm up my hamstring simultaneously. Makes it slightly easier on the abs though.

However, I’ve gotten so good at activating my abs now that it was too fatiguing (today) to continue doing those sets during the ramping

B. SSB Squat
3x10 @ 80
1x9 @ 80

I’ve moved 4 forward on this, I was aiming for 5 forward / 3 back. I also feel as if I want to add a bench on this one and focus more on sitting back. I’ve been squatting very quad dominantly. But, hey, I missed a rep so back I go!

Did two more sets of ab-wheels here! (60 reps total during the entire training session)

C. Backwards sled-drag
1 sets of 45s-1m of work @ sled+60
3 sets of 45s-1m of work @ sled+80

**D. Cable Pull-through **
4 sets, these weren’t great

Conditioning (Deck of Doom - Faces 10 reps/Aces 11 reps)
25 minutes, 5 cards left

My brain was shot and I ended up doing burpees on two different color cards (initially ~10m) so I didn’t get the “rest” that I’d otherwise get from swings. Confident that the next time I do this I’ll get the entire deck unless I get really unlucky with the shuffle.




@dagill2 today I got it!

PM: will hangboard later. Forearm rehab.


2021-10-28 cont.

Did not do any hangboarding, fingers felt funky


AM: Just Run Week 4 Day 2

Mp 4x8@45 (FINALLY!)

Barbell Seal Row 3@50,60,70, 3x5@60
Parallette Push-ups 10/set (60 total) with a weighted vest

after that I have no idea.


Rest day :open_mouth: Hands felt funky and I skipped climbing.

But I did end up going to a festival and dancing for an hour or two.


Ramped A. together with sumo deadlift (did a single at 140) and did one leg extended decline leg raises for 4 sets of 8.

A. High Handle Trap-bar Deadlift

2 @ 177 (PR!)

Back-off sets
3x4 @ 157

31 @ 132
15 @ 112
15@ 92

B1. Single-leg KB RDL
4x12 @ 16 kg

B2. Split Squat

C. Shrugs 4x6-8
D. Walking Lunges 100


AM: Just Run Week 4 Day 3

3 @ 50
3x5 @ 45

BB Seal Row, ramp to 3 @ 70, then 3x5 @ 60
Dips 5 sets of AMRAP

DB Row 3x7 (12s pause, 10s pause, … 2s pause, no pause in the contracted position)
BTN Press 3x10

Reverse EZ-bar curls supersetted with long handle tricep pushdowns



AM: Bouldering, felt good, solid

PM: Hangboarding

Hangboarding 20mm edge
4 sets of 7 seconds for three-finger open hand (-14 kg)
4 sets of 7 seconds for four-finger half crimp (-20kg)


2021-11-03 Squat Focus

AM: Centurion Walk 40 minutes


A. Front Squat (ss: abs 23, 16, 13 ab-wheel)
5 @ 40
5 @ 50
3 @ 60
3 @ 70
2 @ 85
2 @ 95 (PR!)
3x4 @ 85

B. SSB Squat to 16 inch box
4x10 @ 65

did some more ab-wheels here with legs pinned and doing essentially a nordic regression. Calves kept cramping. Can’t quite figure out why, maybe because I’m pushing my calves so hard into the “bar”.

C. Backwards sled-drag
4 sets of 1m of work @ sled+85

D. Sled pushes
4 sets of 1m of work @ sled+35

Tried long full strides focusing on glute contraction but felt it mostly in my calves. Any tips?

1-2-3-…-10-9-…-2-1 push-up ladder. Forgot to time it. Parallettes.


Congrats on the PR, my man!

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Thank you! With the exception of the overhead press I feel like I’ve been PRing for a month. Feels gratifying!

Like the way your training is looking!

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nice pr

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Cheers mon frère!

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Good work.

Why the front squat?

My elbow won’t suffer a back squat at the moment :slight_smile: So it’s front squats and SSBs.

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Probably better movement choices. Doesn’t mean I like them though.

I have an affinity for the back squat so I would be very happy to get back to it. It’d be interesting to see if that lift thrives on this progression model that I’ve fallen into as well as the other lifts.

That said, looking forward to that single of 100kg front squat.

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Always fun to hit new plate barriers. It can be hard work on lifts you train a lot, so it’s nice to break into something else for a while and remember what that feels like.

For sure. Next time you plateau I highly recommend trying out the progression model I’ve been doing. I don’t think, from your training history, that I remember you doing anything quite like this.

Here are the keypoints:

  • Ramp to a 1, 2 or 3RM.
    • Next session, add one rep.
    • Or, if you hit 3, increment weight and start anew at 1.
  • 3 back-off sets at ~90% of the weight you used that day.
    • 1RM: sets of 3
    • 2RM: sets of 4
    • 3RM: sets of 5

I start at about 40-50% and work up in suitable increments. At 40-50% I’m doing something like 5 reps, and as I get closer to my RM goal I do the same number of reps as I have as my goal.

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