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Nordic Blood: Climbing And Lifting / Lifting And Climbing

Winter wonderland


Thursday 2021-01-14

Pulling on plastic

Bouldering. Super cool sesh, despite feeling fairly fatigued overall. Tried some comp style stuff, super weird. I think it gets a bad rap for no good reason.

Also pulled on some gnarly crimpers that I didn’t imagine I’d be able to land even but I was. Whatever I’m doing, something is working. I haven’t felt progress in the boulder hall in yonks and now, the needle is moving. Not the only grips where I stuck the catch on my first try, failing the rest of the send because I was so surprised that I managed to stay on the wall. I’ll work on that confidence.


Friday 2021-01-15

Jumps/Throws: All of them
Warm-up: mobility complex. That ended up being all the conditioning I could muster, left me panting so ixnay on tire flips

Exercise Set Reps Weight
A. Deadlift -3 10 bar
40% (RDL) -2 5 60
50% (RDL) -1 5 80
60% 0 2 100
75% 1 5 115
85% 2 5 130
95% 3 5 147
B. Farmer’s handle deads 1 5 176
2 5 176
3 5 176
4 5 176

Really getting a lot of mileage out of my belt after @aldebaran mentioning keeping it very tight.

Skipped set 5, weight too heavy. Will let this weight, or like 180, be my TM on this form of deadlifts. Form degraded, bar speed too, and needed plenty of rest making it hard to program in assistance. Played with some dumbbell squeeze presses which most of the time didn’t make my shoulder fret but enough so to make me resign to that the closest I’ll get to pushing involving the chest will be isolation of the triceps and the weird push-ups I can manage for a cycle or two while trusting the rehab to do its business.

Did single-leg curls with a pause at the peak, in a different machine. Found a way to make these even harder by tilting my pelvis in (tucking the tail). Did them before GHRs and damn, that pre-fatigue. Abs were russian twists inbetween sets of GHRs.

“Cool-down”: PNF stretching. And experimented with weighted crunches with my legs flat against a wall. Those were really cool


Saturday 2021-01-16

4 hour boulder problem setting

Sunday 2021-01-17

Same workout but failed sometime during the second circuit, no surprise given yesterday

Lift Reps Weight
A1. Military Press 5 37
80% 5 42
90% 7 47
70% 12+12 breaths+5 37
A2. Ring Pull-up 8 10
6 15
5 20
5 25
14 10

TM increased, not a welcome drop in reps compared to last time, but I find there are explanatory factors. Not sure if I used a belt last time, didn’t have one this time. Semi-fatigued from the day and life for several days. Sleep so-so. Injuries so-so.

Triceps Hell
DB triceps extensions - 10 reps (no rest)
Rope triceps pushdowns - 10 reps (rest 1-2 minutes)
Repeat until 5 sets of each exercise is done (100 total reps).
Reverse grip EZ-bar curl 100 reps
Weighted Crunches dropset 50 reps
Conditioning: Sets & Stuff
Ergometer 2x500m / 60s rest

Ergo after the weighted crunches was evil.

Monday 2021-01-18

Jumps and throws: all of them
HH10 warm-up

Reps Weight
A. Squat 10 bar
5 60
70% 5 82
80% 5 95
90% 10 107
70% 20 82
B. Quad Split Squat 4x8 30 kg DB
C1. Cable Rear Delt Fly 3x some
C2. Plate Lateral Raise 3x some

So fucking worn. All the walking and biking through snow has caught up to my legs. Also, stress. Didn’t even feel recovered enough to do rehab for hamstring, just did my main work and called just about called it a day. For the future I’m considering borrowing some volume between this session and my press session as they are adjacent. Either borrow pulling from today and do it on press day or vice versa.

Good weight selection for the quad split squat. Can easily imagine going from 8 to 15 reps before increasing weight.

Noticing how the sanitary guidelines are impacting my programming. I just want to use the least amount of equipment to do the least amount of clean-up. If I didn’t manage to make alternating lunges into a posterior chain exercise I could’ve just stuck with the bar. Yes, I manage that even with it in the front rack position. This exercise (quad split squat) is a great choice for me. My VMO has been telling me as much (cramps)

I’m talking about this

Squat day will probably be unilateral leg day, and abs on press day makes sense as I should do unilateral work some time. Ordinarily, I’d maybe do ab wheel between sets here but still sore from yesterday and feeling worn not doing much was very welcome.