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Nordic Blood: Aiming To Do 315/455/600 For Reps

@anna_5588 if you ever manage to use it in your log without trying, and happen to notice afterwards, remember to @ me. It’d be nice knowing that it is starting to spread once that starts to happen.

I did happen to coin a very non-PC phrase recently, but I’m not sure how well it has caught on. Garnered a few laughs though among friends and family. I think because, and I’ve had people express their agreement to this point, it wouldn’t suprise a Swede if it had been an old Swedish figure of speech except that it isn’t.

It’s even less PC in English, as everything sounds more benign in Swedish. This is true to a fault. It’s a very simple hypothesis to test, take any videogame name or movie title and translate it to Swedish. It looses all gravitas, immediately.

Anyway, it goes like this,

“You are just an aneurysm away from being a nice person”

Context: a person close to the family, who’s historically been viewed as someone very unsociable and at times directly mean recently had a stroke and has since become super nice and caring.

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My buddy from Scania told me that apparently “CP” is a common phrase/joking insult in the south amongst kids, meaning the person has cerebral palsy.

That shit would not fly in most areas of North America.

In the 90s it was common in the North also.

I hope it didn’t cause anyone any offense. Everyone I’ve told it to locally has laughed out loud. Young. Old. Left. Right. Maybe I keep strange company. Maybe I don’t

Or maybe you’re just Swedish. It’s okay, I found it funny.

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Week 3

Normally DL day, but hamstring is still too beat. So, repeated my last pull-workout.

DB Row

Again, 3s eccentric. Controlled concentric. Weight-selection:
First workset is defined by the heaviest 6 musterable. Follow with 3 worksets in range 6-10
2 min rest before repeating the exercise with the same arm.

DB Pull-over, 1s pause in bottom position. 12/10/8/15+
6@38+4@34, too heavy…
8@36, suffering some fatigue here.

3 min rest.

Neutral grip lat pull-down 3x8-10, hold peak contraction. 5 partials
Cable Row 3x8-10, hold peak contraction

Cable upright row with trap squeeze 2x8-10
Plate raises 2xAMRAP

AMRAP at this point was like… 2 reps.


The day is still ongoing.



There’s no reason for worry there. My scapula is moving nicely, there’s no pronounced weakness of any sort. Part of my rhomboid seems overly exerted, and I’ll be doing cable rows lying down on my back. Kind of like a reverse cable cross-over, 3x15-20, stopping the motion at the range of motion at which I feel it aggrevating the “injury”.

Do a little less locking off with bent arms for a while during bouldering sessions.

Forgot to ask if I can resume barbell benching so I just texted him.


Had a small “lock” in my vertabrae but one that I myself had missed.

  1. Continue working on activating my upperback with superman exercises.
  2. Continue with cat/cows.
  3. Continue with doing what’s essentially best described as a seated unloaded upperback good morning 3x10 every day.
  4. Continue with T-spine rotations,


Add in

  1. T-spine extension stretch

Alternate the above with prayer stretch, a few times every day.

Also, make my abs strong as hell. Don’t do any frankenstein squats or zercher squats for a while.


Prescription: Askling’s L-protocol http://www.rcsi.ie/files/facultyofsportsexercise/20140318032443_Br%20J%20Sports%20Med-2013-Askling-9.pdf @danteism you might be interested in that.

TL;DR: Leg extensions, Divers, Heel glides.

Okayed to do squats on Sunday
Okayed to do trap-bar deadlifts on Wednesday.

So, I’ll have to adjust my original training plan somewhat. Either,

4x6-8 Back Squat
4x6-8 Paused Front Squat, this coming sunday with a 3s pause during the concentric.
Split Squat as planned
Farmer’s walk as planned

4x6-8 Trap-bar deadlift
4x4-6 Front squats.

or start with the front squat on Sunday’s to activate my core :man_shrugging:

And, maybe as a consequence I’ll abandon this notion having front squat as my main squat variation.

I’ll just use the following line of reasoning as an excuse,

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Oh yeah, 3200+ calories yesterday. Today I’ll come in at 2500-2700, I’m having lunch at a restaurant so I don’t really know.

Weight seems to be moving now, finally. It “jumped” up, but I keep reminding myself that if I eat more, I’ll also have more food in my system to be evacuated as it were. It’s not fat.

For sure. Just got through it.
The test subjects were great here, for starters. Rarely do we have studies with other than untrained or lightly trained people.

Something I would’ve liked to see here would be the strength level of the players and if that has an effect on how soon they could return to sport, and how a more resistance training - based protocol would have worked here. (something like a deadlift variation, a leg curl and a lunge for example)

“The most conspicuous characteristics of the more successful L-protocol were the systematic attempts to put load on the hamstrings during maximal dynamic lengthening, the latter
involving movements at both the hip and the knee. The contribution of eccentric actions might also have been greater in the L-programme, although we have no data to directly support
such a statement”

This statement begs the question of would more loading be better, and if so, how much? In general the exercises used were pretty light, considering that we are talking of elite level athletes here.

@Pinkylifting Just saw your book recommendation,

Any other books, on any subject, that you’d care to mention? Paycheck in two days, and I have some spare space in my bookshelves, and a lot of room in my mind for new knowledge, thoughts, and philosophies.

@planetcybertron I didn’t want to muddy the discussion any further in that log. In that light, I’m hoping you’ll receive a notification, and that this side-bar remains here, as to not undermine anyone’s well-wishes,

No dispute here.

The magic of intent does not make communication anymore effective though. I sought to counter-balance the frustrated tone but not invalidate their subject matter.

Indeed, you are absolutely right. I’m not surprised that people are frustrated. I just don’t see it helping, and I only felt it necessary to highlight the tone that has developed here as potentially being counter-effective as I worry that not only is the odds of the statements falling on deaf ears increased but that it creates an opposing reaction in the recipient :woman_shrugging:


Oh no, I didn’t think you that’s what you did at all. I did understand your intentions behind your post. And they were very well needed, and well written.

I could’ve easily just not said anything, and believe me, I always feel like I’m muddying up her log with stuff like that, but I just…I can’t help but see that that should be the least of her worries right now.

I know, I know, it’s not my place, but i just try to remain hopeful that she will at least try to consistently seek out help. And you’re right. I don’t know if any of what I said will help. If it doesn’t help her, it at least will help the other users understand. They’re looking at the food and at the training as what needs to be fixed, but I always say, when concerning stuff like that, it’s not the food. Nor the exercise. Those things are just the manifestations of whatever she’s struggling with on the inside.

I get the feeling she’s wary of talking about her feelings. I do understand that this is all online, but this place does have a strong sense of community. And I know some folks will say “that’s a therapists’ job.” But, that just sounds insensitive.

Great. It’s hard to write with multiple audiences. Whomever you are having a dialogue with, the other readers/posters, and the person whom the discussion is regarding.

For what it’s worth. I think your contributions have value. Genuine value.

Isn’t it though? Anyone that’s a member on a forum meant for communication, technically, has the right to voice their opinion. It’s possible to down-value one’s own future writings by being a poor communicator but until the community or its administrators decide that someone should no longer be a member it is their place to share their views, opinions, and concerns.

Yup. There’s a sentiment I’d like to express, but it doesn’t hold up in the English language without imparting a transitive reflection on the situation. So I’ll have to try and find a different way. Here’s my best stab: I think it goes back to what you were saying about what happens with individuals not accustomed to dealing with these situations, and basically, when they express their opinion, or give suggestions it projects back onto them when the recipient doesn’t take heed to it. Meanwhile, someone more accustomed to dealing with these scenarios can disassociate themselves from whether or not a suggestion takes hold.

Whatever venue anyone can find to be open about their feelings is a good venue in my book.



Week 3 (6-8)

2@50, not an all-time PR but at this weight it is

Push Press 4x4-6
4@60, lifetime PR

Close-grip Bench 3x10-12
10@65, went too fast on the eccentric
8?@ 60

High Incline DB press 4x6-8

Rehab rear-delt/rhomboid work 3x15-20
Standing hammer curl 3x8-10


Awesome job!

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Good job on the overheads!

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@dagill2 Did you write out that mealplan yet?

Here’s a real simple overview of mine, trying to push the carbs even higher still. Inspired by @isdatnutty Why Bother Eating Potatoes While Bulking? Hardly Any Calories and

Kroc-inspired day (Squat/DL-day). High-carb, high-protein
2913 cals (48%, 42%, 10%)
+ vegetables

Exchanged some oats for a piece of rye bread, and replaced tilapia with a lean white fish. We don’t have tilapia here.

Nutty day (High-carb, moderate protein, adequate fats). BP/Press days
2979 cals (51%, 22%, 27%)
+ vegetables

Might also add 10g EAA intra-workout :man_shrugging:

Climbing/off-days, same as previous weeks

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How do you eat on off days? The same? Less? More?

2500-2700 calories with an emphasis on protein and fats with some fast carbs before my climbing session and some additional carbs after my session. The rest of the carbohydrates that day are more fibrous and I have those earlier in the day.

My off-day/climbing day is essentially the left-column in this picture with the meals moved around in order,

Meal 1 is the same
Meal 2 is the same, but I steal the wheat germs from Meal 4 and have them here.

My Meal 3 (lunch) is an amalgamation of other meals, and some replacements,

  • 170g chicken or beef
  • 60g nuts (I “steal” 1tbsp of nut butter from Meal 4, and the 1 oz of walnuts from Meal 5 to here)
  • vegetables from meal 5 & 6.

Meal 4 for me is my pre-climb meal and is the ground beef (or an other equivalent protein source) and the rice (white instead) with a little nut butter (15g)

Meal 5 for me is pineapple with shrimp/chicken/whatever. Post-climb.

Meal 6 is the 1 scoop whey, 1 scoop casein, and 10g gelatin, to heal my fingers after climbing.

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Sometimes for Meal 4 I’ll opt for rye bread instead of rice, as I can just have more slices if I feel good that day and think I’ll climb extra hard.

I’m slightly confused, was I meant to be writing out a meal plan?