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Nordic Blood: 30m 180kg Loaded Carry and a Front Lever Before I'm 30


BBQ or fried in the pan, which reigns superior? What is the meat like? More like steak or more like chicken? Also, do you use vegemite in cooking or only as a condiment?


IMO it’s more down to the quality of the cut and whether it’s been marinated or not. It tastes very gamey, much like venison. Nowhere near chicken and not much like beef at all.

If I had to pick I’d say cooked on flame or coals, but that’s how I prefer most meat (except maybe goat, which I prefer stewed), after a good period in a fairly sweet marinade.

Vegemite usually just as a spread on toast. I’ve had it as a condiment on scrambled eggs, but I’m weird. I think you can cook with it, but I don’t think too many people do. It’s mostly just salty with a bit of a yeasty aftertaste.


Today’s dieted ended up being 2192 calories, 228p, 141c, 74f + some lettuce type thing and some seeds. Just had my prebed snack. It felt dirty having carbs before bed having been so carbphobic for so long (especially before bed).

Closing remarks for the day, found frozen pineapple today so I’ll be having that in my post workout instead of the fruits and berries mix (which contained a little pineapple and that blend was only of interest to me because of the pineapple content). The reasons why are outlined at the end of this article https://thibarmy.com/seven-best-ways-to-get-leaner-with-no-effort-by-christian-thibaudeau/

Curiously, it was equivalent in calories to the fruit and berries blend so no need to update the total. If someone reads the entire article I linked you too might notice that my diet is pretty acidic… I’ll go with the plan this week anyway, I’ve cooked all the meals already and sodium bicarbonate would add to the daily calorie intake. I’ll take a stab at this acidic aspect the next week quite unintentionally as I’ve been thinking about maybe replacing ground beef with ground chicken so I can add in avocado for fat instead.


I’ll have to try it if I ever get to Australia. But to travel you need money, and I’m spending mine on my body at the moment, i. e. supplements, training gear, gym memberships (trying out different ones), etc. etc.


Monday, 13th of August 2018

Weight: 77.5kg (+0.9kg)
Sleep: just shy of 8 hours. Woke up just the once. When I woke up I felt like I could have slept for 2 hours more but it is a workday so that luxury isn’t something I could afford.

The first day on 6 Weeks to Superhero, I was tremendously excited this morning. Here’s how it went:

Complex A (4 circuits, 30-45s rest between exercises and. 60s between circuits)

Top-half seated overhead press 5@55kg [0]
Standing military press 5@40kg [1]
Push press 3@40 kg [2]
Medicine ball push-press throw overhead 10@7kg
Feet elevated plyo push-up 10 [2]

[0]: did my first set at 60, which was a bit too heavy. I didn’t have time to warmup this morning. Should have started at 50/55 and gone up after one or two sets instead. Biofeedback was that I’ve kept too narrow a grip on my overhead pressing.
[1] maybe a bit light on paper, but I only rested 30s between exercises so it was challenging
[2] You are supposed to use the same weight as with the standing press, so I did, but I could definitely have gone heavier. I get pretty decent bar acceleration when I get to drive with my legs
[3] couldn’t produce a pop at all with elevated feet.

Other notes: snagged something inside my shoulder while moving some weights around, so not mid-exercise, which made affected the medicine ball push-press throw on the first three circuits. Hoping this will be gone tomorrow.

Complex B (4 circuits, 30-45s rest between exercises and. 60s between circuits)

Top-half squat 5@140 [4]
Front squat 5@60 [5]
Power snatch from hang 3@40 [6]
Jump squat with bar 10@40 [7]
Vertical jump series 10 [8]
Ergometer 250m

[4]: exercised my back thoroughly but didn’t target quads as much as I was hoping. Had the good sense to film my last set, I think it was a little less than a quarter squat so going a little lower next time
[5]: good weight. Went ATG. Felt a little strange in my right hip but this’ll loosened up as the session progressed. Will make sure to warm-up before my next session. Need to work my ankle flexibility on my rest days.
[6]: too heavy, used my arm strength more than I would have liked. I’m bad at exploding. Can get a good rep from the floor. I think I should maybe go with 35 kg next time.
[7]: a fine weight for circuits 1-3. It was mostly because I already had it on the bar, but too heavy on the 4th circuit to really get a good explosive rep. I think since I’ll lower the weight on the power snatch that weight will be better for this exercise as well.
[8]: went surprisingly well considering I was wearing Olympic lifting shoes

Final notes: The program didn’t specify the rest period between circuits, only the exercises. I went with a modest increase over my exercise rest-period, I don’t know if the intent is to do the circuits continuously but I feel as if that would have merited a special remark in the program from CT as that would have been quite different from normal circuit training/complexes.

I was pressed for time so I only went with 4 circuits for each complex, I think I could have done 1 more circuit on each complex and benefitted from that. Still had a training effect and a productive session though. But I totally get why the recommendation is 3 servings of Plazma and I’m nowhere near that. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m such a beginner trainee the peri-workout stack that I have would not be adequate for this type of workout.


Glad I didn’t eat anything extra to sustain the climbing class. It was super chill.

I did some fun stuff to find variation with the same meal for this week as I was putting it all in the fridge. For instance, grabbing tabasco and flipping a coin for each lunch box. Heads equalled drenched in tabasco.


Tuesday, 14th of August 2018

Weight: 77.3kg (-0.2kg)
Sleep: Just about 6h. Woke up once tonight, was awake for a solid hour at least. Frustrating. Dreamt about my upcoming workout, and it being chaotic as fuck. I vaguely remember poor sleep being an indicator of a need to deload but deloading mid-diet is a no-go.

Complex A. Deadlift (4 circuits, 30s rest between exercises. 60s rest between circuits)
Top-half deadlift. First two circuits at 150kg, the other two at 170kg [0]
Deadlift. First two circuits at 120kg, the final two at 110kg [1]
Power clean from hang. First two circuits at 40kg, the final two at 50kg. [2]
Jump good morning with kettlebell @ 32kg [3]
Broad jump series. 10 reps on first two circuits, just 8 on the last two. [4]

[0]: These were great. I could maybe have gone a bit heavier even. Even though it was an overload, I managed to position myself perfectly relative to the bar and could just shoot up. No grinding whatsoever.
I felt as if the limiting factor on these were grip, so I used straps for all 4 circuits.
[1]: These felt heavy so shortly after the overload reps. Here it was apparent that my lower back is holding me back (no straps/belt). See notes at end of the post.
[2]: Maybe the last circuit wasn’t explosive enough and a bit of an ego rep.
[3]: Was a bit strapped for barbells, but this exercise hit the movement pattern perfectly
[4]: Good fun!

Complex B. Bench press (4 circuits, 30s rest between exercises. 60s rest between circuits)
Top-half bench press. First three circuits at 90kg, for the final circuits I lowered the safety pins one setting and went with 80kg. It was the best one. [5]
Bench Press. First three circuits were at 70kg, final circuit at 65kg [6]
Speed bench press. First three at 50kg, final one at 45kg which was the best (most speedy)
Medicine ball chest throw, first two circuits I ran after it, the final two I did on the floor. [7]
Plyo pushup [8]

[5]: Unfortunately, I forgot to make note of which pin setting this was but I think I can find it again.
[6]: 70kg did not afford me the rep quality that I should have strived for.
[7]: Achilles flared up. I can jump just fine but landing on the balls of the feet with multiple successive impacts just isn’t great yet.
[8]: I dislike all plyo push-ups with a passion, I can’t seem to pop at all. Eventually went off the floor, and up on a bench on these, which went better so I’ll be doing that instead for both the BP complex and the OHP complex until my capabilities improve.

So more on the lower back bit, I have the toughest time hitting my spinal erectors. On the reverse hyper, I’m only able to connect with my glutes, even when doing these unloaded (i.e. lying on a chair) with a painfully low pace (mTor style), and a good morning is solely an ab (to keep my chest from falling forward) and hamstring exercise for me.

On a normal deadlift, I’ll fish-rod a bit, but I’m wondering if that might be because my upper back has to work overtime to make up for my lower back not engaging (is that possible?). Either way, I feel as if I were to find a way to bring up this weakness I could probably make a lot of progress on the deadlift. This conviction grew given how incredibly well the top-half deadlift went. It felt like the weight I used there should almost be the weight I should be able to deadlift if it wasn’t for the weakness, now granted, this is minor hubris. But just to drive to point across that I felt tremendously strong in that portion of the lift.

Accepting any and all advice!

Final notes: Athlete Lean, Athlete Strong has upped my conditioning tremendously. The deadlift circuit was tough, granted, with only 30s rest between the exercises, but for the bench press complex I was able to get back to my parasympathetic state with ease between exercises even tough I was producing as much force as I felt as if I could muster.

I have to be careful though, with the bench presses, I have this nagging pain in my left shoulder (months ongoing) between my left trap and scapula that gets aggravated if I fail to hold my shoulders back. The videos for 6 Weeks to Superhero taught me a new cue for the bench press: shrug the traps. That also helped alleviate the pain. The injury is not getting worse, it’s getting better, so I’m going to continue along with the program as is.


Today I’m hungry, felt like I was completely empty inside stomach wise biking home. Was overtaken by other cyclists which is rare, usually the only people that get by me are people riding genuine roadbikes. Just finished dinner and it didn’t begin to finish the void! Looking forward to the pre-bed snack. I have 5g of cinnamon with the rye oats which makes it super filling


Wednesday, 15th of August 2018

Weight: 76.3kg (-1kg)
Sleep: 7-8 hours, leaning towards the former. Slept well though, did wake up twice, but felt well-rested this morning.

Rest day today, so no gym workout. Went for an early morning walk by the lake,

The climbing session tonight will be a bit more intense than the last one allegedly so I might sneak in a rice cake before going there. I’m keeping to today’s meal plan more or less, except I moved some items around. Had the time to brew a thermos of green tea this morning too.

So, I had vegetables with my breakfast (which was fragmented btw, eggs+veggies at home, bike to work, 2 scoops of casein + cinnamon at the office) and will have the cottage cheese for lunch, and the ground beef for dinner as I want more energy around the climbing session that’s after that.

There’s a cold going around the office, or something similar. I’ll be taking some zinc lozenges today. They contain maltodextrin and glycine but it doesn’t say the exact amount. Hopefully not enough to make a difference, but rather that than catching a cold.


Definitely, taking in a little amount of extra calories is always better than wasting multiple days of diet by catching a cold


Thursday, 16th of August 2018

Weight: 76.4kg (+0.1kg) - probably carrying extra water following yesterday’s “trauma” (described below)
Sleep: ~8 hours, slept through my alarm for better and for worse.

Didn’t have time for a mirror analysis this morning because of oversleeping.

During yesterday’s climbing course I had a minor accident and sprained my ankle (during a fall I hit the wall and the joint was forced into extreme dorsiflexion) so I knew I wasn’t going to be jumping today as I limped around the apartment this morning. I also felt, by trying it, that I wasn’t going to be going ATG on my front squats but I still wanted to get my workout in.

My sinuses were and continue to be dry and raw so my expectations were hedged for today’s workout.

3 circuits [0]
Top-half squat 5@140kg [1]
Front squat 5@70kg [2]
Power snatch from hang or blocks 3@40kg. [3]
Jump squat with bar Speed back squats 8@60kg
Vertical jump series Speed back squats 5@50kg
Ergometer 250m [4]

4 circuits
Top-half seated overhead press 5@55kg [5]
Standing military press 3@40kg [6]
Push press 3@40kg [7]
Medicine ball push-press throw overhead 10@7kg
Feet elevated Chest-elevated plyo push-up 8 reps [8]

[0] pressed for time and I built up a lot of fatigue from the “speed” back squats. I should have gone lighter maybe. I did not get to train my explosive quality as much as the program is designed to do today. Unfortunate.
[1] Heavier today than last time, since I set the safety pins one setting lower. But, still had problems with connecting with my quads. Will probably drop the weight a little next week so I can set it up high-bar style
[2] 60 on the last circuit as fatigue built up. Not ATG because of the ankle, which is why I went with 70 on the first two.
[3] More like muscle snatches since I couldn’t explode because of my ankle.
[4] Could oddly go on the ergometer, but it was much more of an upper-body row than otherwise.
[5] Fucking love these
[6] 2 reps fewer than last session, strange
[7] Felt powerful!
[8] Final set was the only one that felt marginally explosive and pop-ish

Diet: 2225 calories (185p/193c/67f)


Friday, 17th of August 2018

Weight: 77kg (+0.6kg)
Sleep 4 hours

Went to bed at 20:30 yesterday after which my sinus thing evolved into a fever thing so today is an involuntary rest day. Weight gain is from having some avocado, whey, nuts, seeds after 2AM when it was clear I wasn’t going to be getting much sleep. Look fairly okay in the mirror though, I think my abdominal fat has diminished somewhat during the week.

Overall, a poor start on a new program but I’ll brush myself off over the weekend and come back at it starting next weekend.

One thing I miss on 6WTS is rows, especially since I work a desk job.


Then why not add in a couple of sets of rows?


I’m thinking the amount of climbing I normally do is adequate, but if need be I’ll add some light rowing on rest-days. I just miss that it’s not programmed in.


Damn man, how’s the ankle feeling?


Pretty good, very happy I got a workout in yesterday. I think the level of dorsiflexion that I got then was very therapeutic. I’ll try some jumps on Sunday and use that as a gauge for the week. I’ve just been a lazy couch bum today, so it’s getting plenty of rest.

How are you? **flies over to your log**


Be careful with the jumps, you don’t want to make it worse

I’m doing good, dropped 1.7 kilos after the first day of diet.


Yeah, I guess I could have been more elaborate, I’ll try to put some weight on it in the necessary angles first and if that pans out I’ll allow myself to do something more dynamic.

Nice, mini-cut or diet diet?


Mini-cut, it’s going to last three weeks max


Longer than your usual ones, gained more bf than you would have liked?