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Nordic Blood: 30m 180kg Loaded Carry and a Front Lever Before I'm 30


True words. I just want to see first if I can make do without, and how that feels subjectively to better understand if it is more of an emotional crutch thing than anything else. I did without it for quite some time before, both on and off diet. It’s just hard to remember what that was like and to give a fair comparison as I’m stronger now than then.

So excited for the bootcamp. Very excited to check back in here at the end with before and after pics although I will of course be posting those weekly.


Friday, 12th of October

Weight: 75.9 (+0.8kg)

Lately, I have been inconsistent with writing my workouts down. Why? Because it hasn’t been super-interesting for me to do so. While I love the program that I’ve been following I

  1. Haven’t always done the prescribed workout (when training with the CF group)
  2. Already know what numbers I will be hitting for the session.

With my programmer background I, of course, wrote a small program for outputting my sessions from my MTWs. Since it was written just for me, the output isn’t pretty,


  • 8x3 Standing Strict Press @ 27.5

  • 8x3 Push Press @ 32.5

  • 8x3 Dumbbell Bench Press @ 20.0

  • 6x3 Back Squat @ 82.5

  • 8x3 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 92.5

  • 8x3 High Pull @ 42.5

  • 8x3 Muscle Snatch @ 30.0


  • 6x3 Standing Strict Press @ 30.93

  • 6x3 Push Press @ 35.93

  • 6x3 Dumbbell Bench Press @ 23.46

  • 4x3 Back Squat @ 86.39

  • 6x3 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 95.93

  • 6x3 High Pull @ 45.93

  • 6x3 Muscle Snatch @ 33.43


  • 5x3 Standing Strict Press @ 40.0

  • 5x3 Push Press @ 45.0

  • 5x3 Dumbbell Bench Press @ 28.0

  • 3x3 Back Squat @ 90.93

  • 5x3 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 105.0

  • 5x3 High Pull @ 55.0

  • 5x3 Muscle Snatch @ 42.5

but it works. So, there hasn’t been a point in me writing the sessions down, as it doesn’t chronicle an improvement (which is something that I would want to keep track of). This, however, is oxymoronic as I have improved beyond my max training weights on a few lifts. So, today was a lower body Zone1 workout for me (a bit of schedule) but I went with 55 kilos on the high pull and they were easy for me. I used 35 on the muscle snatch, but not because I couldn’t go heavier but because my strained thumb was a bit whiny. The only thing that held, really, was the deadlift.

Anyway, tonight I’m attending a 20 year anniversary bash for the company where I work. Tomorrow will be a normal Zone 1 upper body workout, albeit with other numbers than those posted probably and then Sunday I’m going to have an off-day before the bootcamp. My weight has been stable pretty much throughout the week, around 75-76kg on 2600-2800 calories (including veggies) which is good to know going into the bootcamp.


Gotta say, that’s about the most Allberg-y thing ever


Others use Excel, I write my own stuff from scratch. Did the same with my diet. I can output 9 progressions as the diet deepens.

Check this (snippet) out,

Level 1: 144.5-168.4g of carbs, 209.4g of protein, 44.6-55.3g of fat, 1913.3 calories
  Maintenance=2513.3 calories (-600.0 calories, -23.9%).
  Intra/post: 50.6-59.0/36.1-42.1 grams of carbs. Total=86.7-101.1g
  Lunch: 28.9-33.7 grams of carbs.
  Pre bed: 28.9-33.7 grams of carbs.
Level 2: 112.1-133.8g of carbs, 208.2g of protein, 40.4-50.0g of fat, 1731.3 calories
  Maintenance=2497.8 calories (-766.5 calories, -30.7%).
  Intra/post: 39.2-46.8/28.0-33.4 grams of carbs. Total=67.3-80.3g
  Lunch: 22.4-26.8 grams of carbs.
  Pre bed: 22.4-26.8 grams of carbs.


That’s pretty cool
I use pen and paper and as a digital backup I send myself messages on facebook. Technology wonderchild.