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Nordic Blood: 30m 180kg Loaded Carry and a Front Lever Before I'm 30


True words. I just want to see first if I can make do without, and how that feels subjectively to better understand if it is more of an emotional crutch thing than anything else. I did without it for quite some time before, both on and off diet. It’s just hard to remember what that was like and to give a fair comparison as I’m stronger now than then.

So excited for the bootcamp. Very excited to check back in here at the end with before and after pics although I will of course be posting those weekly.


Friday, 12th of October

Weight: 75.9 (+0.8kg)

Lately, I have been inconsistent with writing my workouts down. Why? Because it hasn’t been super-interesting for me to do so. While I love the program that I’ve been following I

  1. Haven’t always done the prescribed workout (when training with the CF group)
  2. Already know what numbers I will be hitting for the session.

With my programmer background I, of course, wrote a small program for outputting my sessions from my MTWs. Since it was written just for me, the output isn’t pretty,


  • 8x3 Standing Strict Press @ 27.5

  • 8x3 Push Press @ 32.5

  • 8x3 Dumbbell Bench Press @ 20.0

  • 6x3 Back Squat @ 82.5

  • 8x3 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 92.5

  • 8x3 High Pull @ 42.5

  • 8x3 Muscle Snatch @ 30.0


  • 6x3 Standing Strict Press @ 30.93

  • 6x3 Push Press @ 35.93

  • 6x3 Dumbbell Bench Press @ 23.46

  • 4x3 Back Squat @ 86.39

  • 6x3 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 95.93

  • 6x3 High Pull @ 45.93

  • 6x3 Muscle Snatch @ 33.43


  • 5x3 Standing Strict Press @ 40.0

  • 5x3 Push Press @ 45.0

  • 5x3 Dumbbell Bench Press @ 28.0

  • 3x3 Back Squat @ 90.93

  • 5x3 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 105.0

  • 5x3 High Pull @ 55.0

  • 5x3 Muscle Snatch @ 42.5

but it works. So, there hasn’t been a point in me writing the sessions down, as it doesn’t chronicle an improvement (which is something that I would want to keep track of). This, however, is oxymoronic as I have improved beyond my max training weights on a few lifts. So, today was a lower body Zone1 workout for me (a bit of schedule) but I went with 55 kilos on the high pull and they were easy for me. I used 35 on the muscle snatch, but not because I couldn’t go heavier but because my strained thumb was a bit whiny. The only thing that held, really, was the deadlift.

Anyway, tonight I’m attending a 20 year anniversary bash for the company where I work. Tomorrow will be a normal Zone 1 upper body workout, albeit with other numbers than those posted probably and then Sunday I’m going to have an off-day before the bootcamp. My weight has been stable pretty much throughout the week, around 75-76kg on 2600-2800 calories (including veggies) which is good to know going into the bootcamp.


Gotta say, that’s about the most Allberg-y thing ever


Others use Excel, I write my own stuff from scratch. Did the same with my diet. I can output 9 progressions as the diet deepens.

Check this (snippet) out,

Level 1: 144.5-168.4g of carbs, 209.4g of protein, 44.6-55.3g of fat, 1913.3 calories
  Maintenance=2513.3 calories (-600.0 calories, -23.9%).
  Intra/post: 50.6-59.0/36.1-42.1 grams of carbs. Total=86.7-101.1g
  Lunch: 28.9-33.7 grams of carbs.
  Pre bed: 28.9-33.7 grams of carbs.
Level 2: 112.1-133.8g of carbs, 208.2g of protein, 40.4-50.0g of fat, 1731.3 calories
  Maintenance=2497.8 calories (-766.5 calories, -30.7%).
  Intra/post: 39.2-46.8/28.0-33.4 grams of carbs. Total=67.3-80.3g
  Lunch: 22.4-26.8 grams of carbs.
  Pre bed: 22.4-26.8 grams of carbs.


That’s pretty cool
I use pen and paper and as a digital backup I send myself messages on facebook. Technology wonderchild.


How’s it going man? Haven’t heard of you in a while


Yeah, since I’m doing the boot camp I’m not too inspired to write as I won’t be posting my workouts. I’ll post a batch check-in this weekend maybe. Doing good though. Shoulder injury is just about gone. How are you?


Understandable, how have you liked the boot camp?

That’s good to hear

I’m doing really well. Got the neuro cert done, got into a school, and I’m hitting all-time bench and incline bench PRs on a weekly basis. (Front squats are moving into that territory as well)


So far so good! It’s made me reevaluate a few things, hopefully for the better so to me it’s been a worthwhile investment already 1.5 weeks in. 8 to go.

Glad to hear it!

Did it give you what you were looking for?

Congratulations! School for…?

Sounds like you are doing great and not just well!


Getting new ideas for training I presume?

Pretty much yeah, it cleared a lot of thing up. Although I still crave more information.

Thanks man! Physical therapy, applied for the third time and finally got in


I think these ideas aren’t really new to me, but having to live through them and do them is having me appreciate them to an entirely different level. Rather than focusing on performance as much as I did, I’m getting to experience what it is like to do the same kind of movement pattern (not the same movement mind you) at a high frequency, while also changing out the stimulus.

So, for instance, you have a squat-like movement on day 1, and then on the subsequent day another squat movement but on the first day you used one muscle growth trigger and the next day you use a different trigger. https://www.t-nation.com/training/tip-the-4-things-that-trigger-muscle-growth And recovering is a non-issue, weirdly.

What did you feel wasn’t covered? I’m primarily interested in learning more about my specific neurotype, if anything so that I can maybe lead a better life. I’m not as interested in how to structure my workouts, as well… I’m a 2A (allegedly) so I can just change things up and it’ll be all good. But, this incessant need for variety has an impact career-wise, relationship wise, etcetera. so, it would be interesting (to me) to figure out how to deal with being “me”.

I remember reading somewhere Thib came up with the system to better understand himself, and I feel that is where I am at as well.



Aren’t these unconventional methods lovely? It’s so much more fun to do stuff like that than doing a typical bodybuilding split is.

Although I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some very old-school articles about training the same muscle groups and/or movement patterns two to three days in a row. That being said, you don’t see a lot of people implementing it.

Nutrition is a big one. There are some videos and a couple of articles (pretty sure those were only for 1A and 1B) on thibarmy, but I would’ve really enjoyed an in-depth look to how each neurotype should train.

Another thing that I would’ve liked to learn more about is training for a sport the neurotype isn’t built for. There was a decent guide for this, but it could’ve been longer. But as people usually gravitate towards something they are naturally good at it makes sense that CT didn’t put that much time into it; and apart from that, with the guidelines he provided you can work it out by yourself.

All in all, if you look at the course and use the free articles on top of that you can probably work everything out with a bit of thinking. I just really enjoy these concepts and learning about them.

The first half of the cert is about understanding why people are the way they are and what are the driving forces for each neurotype. You learn to assess a person by the way they behave (both verbally and non-verbally) and you learn how to handle them as clients.

I feel that the cert gave me a new perspective to view myself from, and it really made me understand why different people react differently to the same kind of training and coaching.

I’ve always been pretty good at evaluating what kind of programming and coaching works for a given individual I’ve never really understood the reasoning behind it. I’ve just went with “this person has a lot/has little of outside stress and he handles it well/doesn’t handle it well.”, “this guy prefers to feell the muscle work/prefers to move heavy ass weight” and “this guy likes to be challenged/thus guy need positive reinforcement”

Never really paid attention to the connection between these things and personality, but now it is a lot clearer.


There are nutrition guides for 2As too fortunately!

Yeah, that makes sense.

Cool, I’m making a mental note of this.


Congrats! Back in my college days the PT graduate program was two years and they only accepted about 30 new students a year. It was tough to get in. They’ve changed it to a three year doctorate program now. I’m not sure if they increased the number of accepted students or not.

That’s big news that you got in - way to be persistent!


Thanks man! Yeah, it was pretty hard to get in - this was my third try. Here the program is 3.5 years long and the school I got in accepts 22 students in the spring and another 22 in fall, so not a whole lot


Hey Allberg is there a way to send a PM on TN.


Nope! Are you looking to get in touch with me?


Did CT tell you you were 2A?


Yes, indeed he did. From my answers to the Superhero article.


Yes I was wondering if you lived in the southern Sweden.
I have a friend with a web company selling fitness equipment in Denmark. He is looking for someone in Sweden who could translate his site and be the head of the swedish site.
And I thought of you.
The danish site is trithon dot dk and the swedish very poorly translated is dot se