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Nordic Blood: 30m 180kg Loaded Carry and a Front Lever Before I'm 30



I’m gonsta build so much muscle I’ll be googling “previously undiscovered muscle group”


Cheers mate


December 22


A. Back Squat 10@60, 10@70, 10@75, 12@60
B. Leg press (feet low and narrow) 12@85, 10@100, 9@120, 23@95 (AMRAP, goal was 15+)
C. Leg extension 3x12-15 @ 25kg w 5 partials at end of each set and holding the peak contraction at the end of each set for 15-20s
D. GHR 2x8-10
E1. RDL 2x10-12 5s eccentric 80kg (forgot my straps)
E2. Hip thrusts 8-10 60kg
F1. Abductor machine 2x12
F2. Adductor machine 2x12

Next time I’m skipping F and putting GHRs last as they wrecked my hams.

December 23

Delts and triceps

A. Squat clean 8x2@50
B. Behind the neck shoulder press 3x6-8 @ 30 with AMRAP partials at the end
C. Floor Press 3x8-10 8@40,10@40, 10@50
D. DB Shoulder press/Arnold Press/Push Press 12 + max + max @ 14/12 (15s rest between)
E. 75 dips

Ab circuit at the end
A1. Kneeling cable crunch 3x15 reps
A2. Machine crunch (5 second concentric/eccentric) 3x8 reps
A3. Swiss ball crunch 3 x max


December 24

A1. Back squat 1 x 15@40, 1 x 12@55, 1 x 8, 1 x 20@50 (15/12/8/20)
A2. Romanian deadlift (toes elevated) 12@80, 10@100, 8@120, 15@90 (12/10/8/15)
B1. Barbell curl 8@30, 8@35, 8@35 3 x 6-8 reps
B2. Close-grip decline press 8@40, 12@45, 8@60 3 x 6-8 reps
C1. Preacher curl 3 x 10-12 reps
C2. Diamond pushup 3 x 10-12 reps
D1. Hammer curl 3 x 12-15 reps
D2. Cable triceps extension 3 x 12-15 reps

December 25

A1. DB Flat Press, chest emphasis 3x12 (mTor)
A2. Seal Row 3x12
B1. Cable Cross-over 3x12
B2. Lat pull-down 3x12
C1. Chest Fly Machine 3x12-15
C2. Neutral Grip Seated Row 3x12, 1+1/2 reps

I’ve come to realise I only really care about the weight lifted on certain exercises so I’ve started omitting it when I’m just chasing fatiguing the muscle as then the weight itself isn’t the primary objective but a good MMC is.


December 26

EMOM 40 minutes (Every Minute On the Minute. 70-75% of max):
Minute 1: Front Squat 4 reps
Minute 2: Military Press 4 reps
Minute 3: Deadlift 4 reps
Minute 4: Rest
Repeat until 40 minutes have passed.

December 27

Don’t remember!

December 28

A. Barbell shrugs 4 x 6-8 reps
B1. Haney shrugs (behind the back shrugs in the Smith machine) 3 x 10-12 reps
B2. Cable Upright Row 3 x 10-12 reps 1+1/2
C1. Standing calf machine shrugs 3 x 8-10 reps 2s peak
C2. Standing calf raises 3 x 8-10 50 bottom 5s eccentric
D. Rear delt machine 1 x 100 reps
E. Behind the neck press 5 x 5

December 29

A1 Lying leg curl, 3x10, 3rd was a double dropset with a 30 sekunders iso hold a few centimeters into the rep
A2. Preacher curl 3 x 10-12 reps
B1. Hack squat, 3x8 slow eccentric
B2. Dips 3 x 10-12 reps
C1. Leg extension drop set of death. 3x 10-12
C2. Hammer curl 3 x 12-15 reps
D1. Single-leg glute bridges 3 x 10-12
D2. Cable triceps extension 3 x 12-15 reps

December 30

Athletic day. Just went in and did squat cleans and squat snatches for an hour. Was fun.

December 31

At work we have a channel (group) for the lifting inclined called #lets-get-swole where we’ll, for 2019, track our lifts (SQ, MP, DL, BP) in a joint Google Docs sheet. So, today, I went in and went for 3RMs in all of them. The DL suffered from following the squat.

Back Squat: 110kg
MP: 45kg
DL: 130kg
BP: 75kg

at a bw of 73kg.


In for the T-ransformation Challenge 2019, coming in at 72.4kg

Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

Doing a volume deload this week, not sure what’s up after that. Maybe stick with Best Damn Strength or back to hypertrophy oriented work.

January 1

Tuesday – Pull

A. Pendlay Row
2-3 warm-up sets (3 reps)
Strength-skill work: 5 work sets @ 60kg

B. Romanian Deadlift
1-3 warm-up sets (5 reps)
1 mTOR set @ 100 kg. Did my warm-up with a band around the bar to activate my lats

C. Straight-Arm Pulldown
1-2 warm-up sets (6-8 reps)
1 Myo-reps set @ 22.5 kg

D. Bent Over Lateral Raise
1-2 warm-up sets for 6-8 reps
1 Myo-reps @ 8 kg too light!

E. Incline Dumbbell Curl
1-2 warm-up sets for 5 reps
1 mTOR set @ 16 kg

January 2

Wednesday – Push/Bench Press

A. Bench Press
2-4 warm-up sets of 3 reps
1 max reps set with the given percentage 6@62.5kg

B. Close-Grip Floor Press
2-3 warm-up sets of 3 reps
1 rest/pause set with a starting weight of 4-6 reps 50kg? 6+3+3 reps

C. Machine Hack Squat (or goblet squat with heels elevated)
1-3 warm-up sets of 5 reps
1 mTOR set 8reps 130+machine could’ve gone heavier

D. Dumbbell Shoulder Press
1-3 warm-up sets of 5 reps
1 mTOR set 16kg

E. French Press (overhead EZ-bar triceps extension)
1-2 warm-up sets of 5 reps
1 mTOR set bar(12)+7.5 the workset had shit MMC and hurt my elbow joint. Lesson learned, going hard intensity wise does not necessarily equate to go as heavy as possible.


Goals 2019

Coming in at 72.4kg (Jan 1)

DL: 130 kg
OHP: 45 kg
SQ: 110 kg
BP: 75 kg

Squat clean: 60 kg
Squat snatch: 50 kg


  1. Don’t get fat, and lean out a bit more. End up somewhere between 8-11% and stay there.
  2. DL 2.5x BW (interim milestones 160kg, 2x BW, 180kg)
  3. OHP 1x BW (interim milestones 0.75x BW)
  4. SQ do these pain free, whatever variation. >1.25x BW front squat to support my squat clean goal. Maybe I should focus on the front squat given my tremendously long legs if I ever want quad muscles.
  5. BP do these pain free and 1.25x BW
  6. Clean 1.25x bw
  7. Snatch 1x bw
  8. Front-lever (easier to get these now rather than later at a heavier weight)
  9. Back-lever
  10. Kip-up from the floor
  11. L-sit on fingers. Again, weighing as little as I do, now is the time
  12. Bar muscle-up. Can do them in rings, might as well add this skill!
  13. Ab-wheel rollout from standing
  14. Side split (mobility is important too)
  15. Front split
  16. Transition from crow to handstand

With regards to Goal 0 I’m not sure when I’ll diet. I’m in for the T-ransformation 2019 but… right now I just need to get my metabolism back up. With my activity levels, I should be able to scarf down 3k calories easily but 2k affects the scale at the moment.


Hunger is through the roof today. Wonder if that means that I’m reversing my diet too slowly, or if I need to readjust my calorie distribution.

Have just had,
150g chicken (usually have 200g but running a bit light…)
230g mixed beans
550g mixed veggies
1 apple
1 liter of coffee (and we Scandinavians drink our coffee pitch black, not watery in the slightest)
1 liter of water

and I’m still hungry.

Carvings… not really. Two days ago I was hankering for avocado/butter/fats like crazy, but that has fortunately subsided. Yesterday, I couldn’t get my mind of gingerbread but that is fortunately gone today (especially fortunate as there was gingerbread in the office kitchen when I came into work today). Today, I’m not really experiencing any tangible cravings but rather at the mention of a specific thing I’ll momentarily crave it beyond belief.

I tend to have mostly healthy cravings, i.e. wanting say… avocado, liver, asparagus, carrots. But today, it’s everything from brownies to cigarettes. Pizza. Plantains?!

For reference, my post-workout was 250g low fat cottage cheese with 50g oat bran cereal, 1 plum and half a scoop of whey. Immediately before my workout I had 1 plum and 1 dried apricot. Liquid intra-workout nutrition: 30g malto (small workout), 10g EAA, 20g whey.

Paul Carter wrote https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/the-simple-carb-cycling-diet and I try to adhere to that, but I usually always end up using the carb allotment for a big workout regardless of the size of the workout… The rule is,

A good guideline for fat loss would be to limit carb intake to around .25 grams per pound of bodyweight for the two meals following training.

And now, revisiting that article to write this post, I of course realize how much of an idiot I am as I’m not aiming for fat loss! But then again, still reversing my diet.

@danteism, do you think my cravings are an indication that I’m still effectively in a deficit?


I’m thinking I need to bring more food into the office.

As it is right now, I have my post-workout meal immediately after my workout and it works out really rather fine. But, 60-90 minutes later is nowhere near lunch and despite my best efforts to have lunch with my coworkers I still end up having lunch at around 10:30 or 11AM, meaning that I’m kinda missing that sweet spot of 60-90 minutes and I’m not getting to have lunch with my coworkers. So, really lose/lose.

250g (low fat) cottage cheese + 50-100g oat bran cereal works well for me with regards to the immediate post-workout meal, it doesn’t leave me in a lethargic state or anything as the GI from the cereal is quite low. The cereal also has 8g fiber per 100g :+1: I’ve felt worse having say… jasmin rice + meat afterwards. Usually end up in a state of lethargy. However, I’d be interested in trying something different as buying cottage cheese is expensive. I’ve thought about making my own creamed rice (w almond milk, never found a recipe for it so not sure it can be done) and then freezing that into bricks together with some whey powder.


Activity levels: currently, the gym I frequent is in the same building as my office. I walk there, or bike, it’s about a 40 minutes walk or a 20-minute bike ride. I do this fasted (http://www.ergo-log.com/exercising-before-breakfast-trains-your-fat-tissues-to-break-themselves-down.html). Pound half my intra-workout shake, do my lifting. Takes anywhere between 45 minutes (Best Damn Strength) to 75 minutes (more hypertrophy oriented workouts).

Then, work. Very sedentary. Try to stand a lot. Have a walk after lunch usually http://time.com/5405778/walking-after-eating-good-for-you/ https://www.nhs.uk/news/diabetes/a-10-minute-walk-after-a-meal-good-for-diabetes

Bike back home, uphill, snow. Basically, an everyday cardio sesh.

Dinner. Used to take a walk afterwards when I was dieting but now it’s too cold, I either chill and do “nothing” (cleaning, cooking, etcetera. I only really sit down during my meal and then again when I go to sleep) or I do some calisthenics/prehab/make-shift “yoga”.


In light of all that I feel that ~200g of carbs per day might be a little too little.


But. How much should I take in…? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I guess, the only real way to find out, is continuing to increase carbs over time without making jumps that are too big.

@danteism Is there any argument to support a carb “refeed” as you are exiting a diet? Or, should one add 200-500 calories a week until the scale starts moving up?


The scale is a much better indicator of that. When exiting a diet the phrase “hunger gets worse as you eat” becomes reality. You’ve been starving your body for a long time and it wants as much energy as possible.

I like to do an initial bigger jump to get just under maintenance and then increase 100 calories or so until I’m gaining at a good rate again.

However a reverse could be done by implementing a “refeed” day (not a full on feast, just a day where you eat in a surplus, ideally done on a day where you train a weak point/have a bigger session) and increasing the other days week by week. For some people this is a better psychological fit.


What’s the physiological reason behind that? I mean, ghrelin/leptin wise?

Hm, neat idea assuming one hasn’t run the deficit for all that long. If I did this, I’d effectively be eating at a “surplus” for a while until my metabolism is back up.


At some point this year I want “abs like ravioli”* without having to flex.

*credit for this phrase goes to @baumbodies


Dudeee flexing or not you’re looking lean


January 3, 2019

Thursday – Pull/Deadlift

A. Deadlift
2-3 warm-up sets of 3 reps
Strength-skill work: 5 work sets @ 115kg

B. Chest-Supported T-bar Row Chest-supported Dumbell Row
1-3 warm-up sets of 5 reps
1 Myo-reps set @ 30kg, good, but slightly cheating on the last portion of the ROM to go heavy

C. Face Pull
1-2 warm-up sets of 5 reps
1 mTOR set @ 22.5kg (meh, no good MMC)

D. Barbell Curl
1-2 warm-up sets of 5 reps
1 Myo-reps set @ 40kg (too heavy)

I’m kind of liking Best Damn Strength, but just as with the normal Best Damn it can kinda suck when you get your weights wrong for the work set or if there’s a portion of the lift that really limits your load. Not a great plan if you want to stay amped throughout the workout (like I do) and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to add cleans/snatches on top of the program.

But, as a volume deload it is doing its job. Might stick with it next week, might not. If Look Like a Bodybuilder, Perform Like an Athlete was less boring, I’d go back to that.

If I was smart, I’d keep with strength-oriented work to potentiate my next hypertrophy-phase or diet-phase.

Should probably bite the bullet and just write my own program at this point.


I don’t think I’ve seen anything written on this specific issue, but let’s think logically:

Ghrelin levels are higher in lean individuals compared to fatter ones. At the same time leptin levels are lower. This itself explains a whole lot in terms of hunger.

Out of curiosity, did your cravings change from healthy foods to anything calorie dense as you exited the diet? That could mean that you had a vitamin/mineral deficiency during your diet that is now fixed.

Gaining weight is also just a survival mechanism, it’s in the human nature to eat a lot when possible. It makes you feel good by increasing serotonin and lowers anxiety by decreasing cortisol. Similarly your ghrelin goes down and you leptin goes up after a meal.

It could also be a psychological issue from denying some foods for a long time due to dieting, which leads to thinking about eating them post diet.


Not really. Toward the end of the diet I was having genuine fat cravings, to the point of having been glad to eat into a stick of butter. But, as I exited the diet I upped my nut intake quite drastically for just a day or two and it subsided quite quickly. Most of my cravings throughout the last diet (boot camp) were genuinely quite benign. Carrots, asparagus, avocado. I think carrots because they contain carbs, but are healthy and kind of sweet. Asparagus, no idea. Avocado, well, fats obviously.

Previous diets, like my first (Velocity Diet), I had junk food cravings. Now, I just get those when exposed to it. Read a news article about pizza => want pizza. See a bagel => want a bagel. See gingerbread => want gingerbread.

But, craving tortilla bread is pretty common for me and tacos are a huge part of Swedish cuisine (odd, I know). Found some tortilla bread made out of beets and another made out of carrots which are slightly better GI wise. And, I wish I was a hulking behemoth of a man so I could eat a loaf of Ezekiel bread but that’s probably because the Ezekiel bread that I’ve found in the stores is so moist it’s almost like a soft gingerbread cake.

Ever since I started including liver in my diet that has become a pretty recurring craving as well, so overall, I suppose I should consider myself fortunate that I don’t go around wanting to eat heaps and mounds of candy all day every day.