I’ve been monitoring your superbeast program on the Dog Pound forum and i really like the program but have a few questions. You guys usually only do 1 pulling exercise and maybe some rear delt work, and the rest are pushing exercises, will this make your chest and back unbalanced? And also doing the dynamic exercise after the isometrics and slow negatives do you still have alot of speed, or do you feel you have even more speed than you would doing it at the beginning of the workout? that last question applies to dynamic squats and bench. Thanks alot guys.

I can answer both these questions but the second one requires more time.

As far as less work for the back, it is only in the vertical plane. There is plenty of work in the horizontal plane.

I’ve changed it up to include Lat Pulls for my repetition stuff in the end. I may try doing accentuated eccetrics on an assisted pull-up machine this week, instead of the Seated Rows.

For me, it’s not that big a problem since I do sledgehammer work too, which hits the lats fairly good. Soon, I’ll be taking up strongman stuff so my whole back/traps will be fried I’m sure.

I like the main idea of the routines but i thought about maybe something like this. This would just be an example of the 2 upperbody days.

Day 1
incline bench press- cluster, 5-8 reps at 90% with 30 sec/reps
pullups- cluster same as incline
dips- 5x2, 10-0-X
hammerstrength row- 5x2, 10-0-X
hammer strength bench- 2-3x25
seated row- 2-3x25

Day 2
incline dynamic bench- 8x3-45%
explosive chin ups- 8x3 BW only
flat smith machine bench- 2/1 technique, 3x10
seated row- 2/1 technique, 3x10
incline hammerstrength press- 2-3x25
hammerstrength lat pull- 2-3x25

I would use another machine besides the smith machine for the 2/1 technique but all the other machines are iso-lateral so you can’d do it on them. But what do you think of the routine?If you have any suggestions at all let me know please.

There is plenty of pulling in the horizontal plane as Machine pointed out with rows, rear delt work and olympic lifting. I will take a look through the program to see if CT begins to include some more vertical pulling. If not, I may include some chins or lat pulls where appropriate.

As for speed after isometric and eccentric work, I haven’t had a problem. The isometric and eccentric work is definitely challenging, but also seems to prime the CNS for explosive work.

Regarding your changes, it’s really hard to compare because I haven’t been doing what you’ve been doing. My suggestion would be to try the program as is and see then make changes afterwards. You’ll begin to notice some changes coming up after week 2.