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NorCal Training

Does anybody train in NorCal, north of Sacramento, CA.

Im not crazy fit or strong or anything, but yea, I lift in the Golds Gym in Chico, about two hours north of Sacramento. Theres some strong guys that lift in here every once and a while. One or two 600 lb squatters, 1 400 bencher. I also heard there was a powerlifting friendly gym in Yuba City which is south of here, north of Sacramento, couldnt tell you where though.

I OL primarily, but am starting to PL. I train at the Tehama Family Fitness Center in Red Bluff. In fact I work for its parent company. We have a platform for OL, which is very rare for NorCal. If you want to check it out PM me and maybe we can get together for a training session.

I train and work at In Motion (don’t kill me!) in Chico. Nice to see some other nor cal people on T-Nation.

That Tehama center is frickin nice…I applied to a position there, but the commute would have killed me financially.

It would be fun to learn however…