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Norandrolsol & Androlsol Dosage

I have tried researching this on the web site but I can’t seem to find an answer. If I am taking both Norandrosol and Androsol at the same time, what is the dosage, still 70 sprays of each, twice a day, therefore 140 sprays of each, or 280 total sprays each day?

No, don’t do 280 sprays a day! The usual recommendation if using both products at the same time is 70 sprays of Androsol in the morning, 70 sprays of Nandrosol at night. That’s the max dosage.

BTW, customer service type questions such as this are usually deleted, but I saw it and didn’t want you to screw up, you know, in case you’re standing there stripped down and ready to spray! I believe the info about this stack was in one of Tim’s “Behind the Scenes” columns.

Chris is correct: the maximum is still
70 sprays total per application. That
could be all Androsol morning, all Androsol
at night (or vice versa), or could be 35/35
for each application, or whatever you desire.

Since they work similarly, it has to be
thought of in terms of total dose of diol
hormones. It’s not like the case where,
say, you can add Methoxy-7 to Androsol
and the one supplement doesn’t mean you
need to reduce dosage of the other.