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Noradrenaline Management

Hi Christian

What kind of tools (even supplements) could to use a Type 2 for increase and balance noradrenaline? Even dopamine could be depleted aiming to produce noradrenaline and impair even more the balance, right?

I ask when a training and nutrition is according to the type 2, but in some situations could be unbalance, so the goal is restore neurotransmitters.


You just need to keep the adrenal glands healthy… if you take things that directly increase noradrenaline (stimulants) you will actually cause problems… tyrosine (Brain Candy) can be great, I’m a 2b and it’s my favorite supplement

Brain candy is pretty amazing stuff. My sense of well being is never better.
Oddly enough, it gives me a different preworkout “feel” than lots of black coffee or EC or preworkout for example.

Less hop all over the place “aggression”, but more a smooth energy that lets me usualy lift a signifcant amount & maintain performance despite not being “amped up” (even though teh caffeine content at 300mg a bottle is no joke!)