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Nor-Tren 19 and Di-Methyl

Di-Methyl, 2a,17a di-methyl etiocholan 3-one,17b-ol (Methylated Masterdiol)

Amounts per serving: 2a, 17a di-menthyl etiocholan 3-one, 17b-ol 10mg (Methylated Masterdiol)

Nor-Tren 19, Trenbolone Anabolic Precursor

Amounts per serving: 19-Norandrosta-4,9 diene-3,17 dione 35mg (19-Nor Trenabol)

A guy at my gym is selling them for $80.00 and said they took them off the market a while back. He said they are bad ass and I just wanted to see if anyones tried them before I make a purchase.

Hes selling them, obviously hes going to say they are bad ass.

Any type of prohormone or pro steroid type product is nothing that I would take even if they were given to me for free.

If you’re afraid to do the real deal I’d just say screw it, take it, see what happens.

Prohormones… you won’t find much love for them here. What’s the old saying?

Twice the sides, half the gains?

True Makav, but if hes afraid to pop himself it can only help him physically. Granted its not a crock of shit.

Lookk Op,

The main underlying problem with these is that there is no studies to look at. They’re so new, that it’s like playing russian roulette with yourself physiologically.

Sure some of them will give you an increase in muscle.
But you never know for sure at what cost that will be.

Today especially as opposed to when andro first came out.

The companies are trying to find difft compounds they can whip up in a jiffy to produce gains, and this often comes at the expense of the user, since the user is essentially just another guinea pig for the company.

If that’s what you’re into, just know the risk you take is on you completely. No one is going to be there to tell you what to do if you get delayed onset gyno or some other problem as a result of it.

Having said that, some will work for some people with out problems, and some will have very nasty problems.

So, what’s yo flava mang?

If I were you, and you have a needle phobia, I would do a search here on the oral only cycles, and proceed with one that sounds like what you want. Pick one, and come back and post your proposed length of time, pct, etc for it, and we’ll help you.

You’ll get much better gains, and you’ll know what to expect as you come off.


wasnt there another post on here recently about a probuct called tren-extreame.

tahst what 19-Norandrosta-4,9 diene-3,17 dione is tell the guy to take them himself and report back to you when he is in the hospital all jaundaced and bleeding out his ass.

sorry for the second post but I have a question
you are not coming around here trying to scramble up some interest in these crap PH products are you?

I am asking because something that I do not see too often happened here
you get people on this thread http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=2228971

that sound like a friggin sale pitch
hey you heard of it
ya i have i got a shit load yesterday infact
great ya i like it
ya me too
blah blah
and both are brand new people and then you come along asing about the same product
and one of the people in that thread is from jersey and your name is jersey something reother

I dunno

but back on topic those are complete shit if you take them you run risks of becoming a female or dieing.
and I am not playing either

Hey guys thanks for the info. Thankfully I have no plans on taking this stuff, the only thing I’m taking right now that I don’t know about is ZT-3 Max that I got a GNC to help with some fat burning.

My roommate got both of these and he has been stacking them for about the past 2 weeks. I’ve seen the guy who sells the stuff and he’s in his 60’s and pretty big, but I donno if he takes the stuff.

I can’t that anything that I can’t get a doc to give me or buy in a store because I work for a sheriff’s office and I’d be screwed if I ever got tested. I have thought about taking something but I don’t think the risk outways the gains. Besides that I wouldn’t say I the nicest person as it is.

isn’t that superdrol?

I did take some stuff in Oct 07, I got them from a company in st. Pete, FL. At the time I didn’t know they were all that bad but I just checked their site and all the names are all changed, I remember looking at this site like 3 months ago and they had different names then when I got them and from what they are now. Is this some kind of loophole to sell legal juice or is it hype? I remember I gained about 20 lbs and got about 2 to 2 1/2in bigger arms in about 6 weeks, but They also had me eating 3,000 cals a day.

My roomate seen the site with the stuff I took and now wants to drop what he’s takin and switch after reading the posts.

I know the “I have a friend” thing most of the time means your talkin about yourself but it don’t really matter so long as he and I get the inside info.

I think he just turned 40, he seems to be in pretty good shape and lifts 3-4 days a week, currently at 220lbs or around there.

While we’re at it, I’m 26 185lbs workout 3-4 times a week. I got off my diet 2 weeks ago, I went from 19.5% to 14% bodyfat since March 14th. Since I’ve lost the weight my arms have not grown, 16in for about a month, this sucks!

1 more thing, when I was on it I blewup, yea my arms, chest and back got bigger but so did my midsection. Seeing how I can order this from the US I think I could take it and be ok with the piss testing. I donno how much longer I can wait to see a gain here, and if my roomate gets this stuff and blows up I’m gonna here him talkin about how good it is.

Thanks again guys. I glad someone knows about this stuff!!

superdrol?!? What’s that? I have only been on it for about 3-4 days but I can clearly see that I’m wired. past few times in the gym I feel like I gotta throw-up when I get pumped to fast, Kinda like when you first start hittin the gym hard. I got it all over again. Is that ok or is it time to go back to GNC a second time?


I don’t think it’s superdrol, I just looked online and that stuff’s $149.00 I only paid like $35.00 for this.

dude I think you’re in over your head. I’m pretty sure the one dosed at 10mg per tab is SD. You’re going to have to go through with it. 4 weeks tops with no more than 2 tabs per day in your case. Whats your PCT? Do you even have one? Medic!! It ain’t good being a jive turkey with it being so close to thanksgiving.

No dude its superdrol I just checked my bottle of M-drol.

Only thing that I have taken other then from GNC is I went to my doc and he gave me testim 50mg but that didn’t work so I stopped takin it.

Besides that, is takin those 2 tabs the same at 220 too?

I got my buddy here with me, he want’s to quit now, can he go cold. I told him 2 weeks ago not to stack that stuff until we found something out but I guess a 60 year old who looks 40 has a way of overlooking the obvious.

fuck, what’s that? should I stop taking that? We are talking about the ZT-3 Max right? why’s it so much cheaper?

Oh yea, what’s PCT mean?

Hey about the 10mg Di-Methyl, you said in my case, is it the same for someone at 220?

Inc trainwreck?

I had a site from the stuff I was taken but they took it off of here so I guess that’s out

Hey, Alex-P, what do you mean my that?