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nor/andro stack

Has any one tried stacking norandrosol and andro together? I was wondering if you noticed better gains in mass doing this.

Dude, you’Re probably going to get flamed for this, so I’ll just say it real quick: Do a search before asking. There’s all kinds of info on this topic, both in previous Forum threads and in T-Mag itself.

yeah, i’ve talked about this many times before myself. i always mix the andro and nandro in a bigger bottle (50/50 combo) and pour back into the two separate bottles. i really can’t comment too much on whether i notice better gains. i have tried androsol and don’t get that great of gains out of it. on the other hand, i have tried the 50/50 mix and have gotten solid gains. i have never tried nandrosol by itself so i have no reference in that respect. the solution does work; although some people spray 35 sprays of andro and 35 sprays of nandro. i would imagine this would be effective as well.

I’ve tried both Andro and Nandrosol alone and combined and haven’t noticed any significant differences in gains between the three protocols. If you do decide to combine them, I believe Bill Roberts has recommended keeping the the bottles separate and spraying 35 each. Combining them dilutes the AD and N-AD, resulting in less than optimal release into the blood.

My 2 cents. When I did andro alone…it made me nasty as hell, gave me libido issues and no real gains. Nandro alone gave me 12 pounds of muscle and 4 pounds of fat…not to damn bad…but made me happy as hell…and kinda “wimpy” as the T-vixen said. Currently, I am doing a 50/50 mix in the morning, then applying again at around 2ish…then doing 100% Nandro at night…gains seem good, and I get that nasty “edge” in the morning…which I like. As far as gains on this combo…I will keep you posted.