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Nor Andro pills in Androsol

My friend just got a bottle of Androsol that I recommended to him after he bought a crappy ass 19 nor-androstiendione in pill form. He did not want to waste the pills so he emptied 30 pills, good for 30 days, into the bottle of Androsol. He thinks if Fina works like that, why not these nor andro pills? My question is, does that work? Thanks in advance

OOPS! If memory serves, androstenedione is a very weak anabolic (if at all), converts to estradiol and DHT, and generally sucks. I think your friend goofed, and may have ruined a bottle of the good stuff. Sorry, bro.

Oh no! 19-norandrostenedione is bad stuff.
I would not ever use that bottle of Androsol.

I was originally very interested in this
compound because, though this isn’t generally
known, it’s a reasonably good aromatase
inhibitor when used in large amounts. So,
before we learned that estrogen levels
don’t rise with Androsol use so there’s no
estrogen issue anyway to be worried about, I was investigating including 19-norandrostenedione in Androsol.

However this had to be abandoned when
report after report from 19-norandrostenedione
users was that the stuff was giving them
gyno (despite being an aromatase inhibitor.)
I don’t know why it does this, but it’s
a horrible culprit, worse even than

And luckily it turned out that despite
increasing T levels about 50%, Androsol
doesn’t increase estrogen levels, so there
was no need for an antiaromatase anyway.
That was very serendipitous :slight_smile:

Well, there you go.