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Nootropics Help


hey there guys

i've read through lots of info in regards to nootropics..

i'm having trouble with what to purchase..

i want a stack thats effective and also cheap if thats possible

i want something i can take for long periods of use..

i'm 32 and currently lift weights 4 times a week

supps i take already: creatine, glutamine, BCAA's, fish oil, multi's, protein powder, nitric oxide pre workout..

i want a stack that'll make me focused for studying and for day to day activities..

not sure whether to go a racetam +choline or Alpha-GPC


vin, hup a, dmae stack like bushy posted in this forum.

or something else that is relatively easy to get..

do you have a source to get these at great prices.

also have u heard of focus xt, looks ok with all those ingredients but is it strong enough, plus i dont want the caffeine at night..

i've tried private messaging bushidiobadboy( he's the man on this stuff), but doesnt work for some reason

help much appreciated



Stop taking NO stuff. That'll save you quite a bit of money.

Vinpo is great. Use that as BBB outlined. I think he no longer recommends huperzine A.

I'm personally gonna try vinpo, aniracetam and dmae. Seems good and isn't too expensive. Also gonna see what one Spike pill will do with these in my system.

And you should have stuck to the brain boosters thread. You can't demand that BBB answers, you just consider yourself very lucky when he does.

And regarding that focus XT thing: I think BBB once mentioned that catecholamines (such as those derived from the tyrosine in that stuff) are not optimal for learning, since they decrease activity in hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for learning.

Anyone is free to correct me if I'm wrong or spreading misunderstood facts.


True about BBB, he's a man in demand.. a smart one at that..i just cant pm for some reason..

was actually thinking of dropping the NO supp..why do you think that Kakno...alot of studdies suggest NO is great for the heart and manhood by opening up the blood vessels..

i didnt want to hijack a thread, thats when you get flamed and i think you dont always get the best possible answer..

the combo you're suggesting, wont u need a choline source as well cause of aniracetam

this stuff is really interesting


I don't know you at all. I only really know me. but, i also know that generally, life is not easy, and staying focused at work is hard. that's part of the reason they have to pay me to do it. I am not sure the answer to staying focused is a stack or a pill. Maybe, for you it is. I sometimes take a little coffee. have you tried other solutions for staying focused such as adequate rest,nutrition,etc. and timing of study for when you are more alert? I wish you the best in your efforts.



I have no first hand experience of NO type supplements, but I have a hard time seeing how 20 dollars of arginine builds muscle more efficiently than 20 dollars of Surge taken pre-workout or something. The impression I've gotten is that they contain some caffeine and give you a great pump. How well that translates to muscle gains is another story. But if you're sure it works for you...

Your body uses DMAE to make choline through this reaction, I think:

DMAE + S-adenosyl-methionine --> choline + S-adenosyl-homocysteine

Lecithin, Alpha-GPC, dmae etc. are all choline sources.


Try some Spike capsules.


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cheers bushy,

what is your recommended dosages for this stack..

also do i need a choline source



Something like that?


what you said above is just what I said....there are lots of other things to put in place first. the answer is not always found in a pill. It might be, but i think that is not the first place to look.


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haha fair point mate, will read up on it..dont want to over do it. start small i guess and go from there..
but if you feel the need to share, please do bushy, i'm all ears lol

as for the NO products, i dont take straight arginine, i take Dymatize expand..it has alot of good gear in it, such as BCAA's, creatine, Vit B3,B6,B12, vit c, folic acid, beta alanine, arginine, tyrosine and alot more..it works quite well..plus i can get it cheap online..

the health benefits are decent as well...


no worries.....have a good day.....nootropics are way over my head. I'm still trying to get my eight glasses of water a day.


BBB or anyone familiar with Nootropics. I am 21 yrs old and just started my Fall semester, in order to graduate this spring I am taking 8 classes. Most of which classes are aeronautics courses that require a lot of
memorization/studying. What would be a good stack for retaining/memorizing information as fast as possible. Also if possible is there something I can take for nerves/anxiety when giving presenations?


do i take aniracetam+DMAE+vinpo same time or does it need to be staggered


thanks for that mate..money saved from now on