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Nootropics for Chronic Fatigue/Pain

I’m a 27 year old male with Ankylosing Spondylitis and despite this a moderately successful amateur strongman competitor.
I’ve been back in school full time for the past year now and every day I’m barely getting by on fumes. I am exhausted all the time. My training, strength, and mobility have gone to shit from having to sit still in class 4 hours a day 5 days a week. I’m barely able to focus most days and really have only gotten by on my high IQ alone.
Energy drinks aren’t helping anymore. I’ve been on adhd meds in the past but because of the auto-immune disease they just end up frying out my cns and making it harder for me to recover.
This past semester I nearly failed due to this enormous case study I had to do and the amount of degrading busy work thrown at us on top of the regular class material. I just don’t possess the time or energy to waste sitting and typing up mundane useless papers. I fall asleep trying to read text books or do rote memorization so studying never gets done. I’ve invested a lot of time and money into this program and I’m not getting much out of it because I’m always drained.

I was first recomended modafinil/Modapharma by my neurologist a couple years ago for the soul sucking life draining fatigue and brain fog. When I asked the psychologist I’d been seeing for adhd and pain about it he had said he could only prescribe it for narcolepsy and sleep disorders or the insurance company wouldn’t cover it. Being dirt broke at the time I thought I was out of options.

Over the last two years though I kept hearing about modafinil, Modapharma, provigil, nuvigil, artvigil, waklert, etc and I’ve kept reseearching it. Now apparently it’s popular enough to easily get a hold of online for fairly cheap. Enough people have had such fantastic success with it for the past few years with next to no side effects it seems like a perfect solution for me. If I still had insurance I’d go get a script one way or another.

I am hell bent on trying it though. It’s absolutely infuriating not having the time or energy to realize my potential. I’m in a fantastic school and I consistently test in at least the 98th percentile on standardized intelligence tests yet everyone talks to me like I’m stupid because I’m so exhausted all the time and in so much pain the only thing I’m able to communicate to people is that I’ve run out of fucks to give and want to be left alone.

I have found a reputable .com site that’s offering a sample of modafinil, provigil, modapharma, artvigil, etc. I have high hopes for the product and intend to share my experience here and elsewhere if I can even be slightly more productive. I can’t provide a link to the site but it’ll be pretty easy to figure out which one. When the sample arrives I’ll update this each day with how it effects me with school, training, mood, energy, focus, motivation, etc. Anyone else struggling with chronic fatigue or pain or anyone else who’s tried modafinil please share your experience here as well.

The free sample arrived yesterday, very quick considering where it was shipped from. I decided to wait until this morning to try it though considering I started my day at 1:30am today.
I took the 200 mg modvigil / modapharma as soon as I got up this morning.
About an hour after I reignite start to come on and almost didn’t finish my coffee.
By the time I got to the gym at 4am I could tell I had taken a stimulant and had already begun sweating.
I felt like I had taken a strong preworkout or a low dose of adderoll and found that I didn’t need to warm up a lot because my heart had already been beating faster.
The first half of my workout was pretty good. I was rather amped up but pretty focused as well. My first lift was bench press 5/3/1 and had got 3 reps on my heaviest set. I found out I’d be working this Saturday so I decided to also knockout deadlifts as well. The deads were very difficult. I was drenched in sweat by this point and my heart rate stayed pretty high. I ended up grinding through the bare minimum and only getting a single for my heaviest set. I was running low on time so I finished with a few light sets of good mornings and face pulls which felt great. I was able to really focus on and contract individual muscles at will. Then my standard Yoga for Big Bastards routine and ten minutes of Zen kneeling meditation.
Overall the workout felt very Much like being on adderoll but not as obnoxiously jittery or wound up.

After showering and breakfast was class at 8am. I found myself being a little more outspoken in class today. Much less sleepy and more able to pay attention and focus on what I was doing. Today we finished our clay anatomical models and I found that I was able to really focus on getting the details right today despite barely giving a shit. I mostly felt like I just wanted to do something productive while I had the energy.
Towards the last half of class I started to get a little irritated with the constant mindless obnoxious girl chatter but this is typical and I was getting hungry.
When class ended I came home and took another 100mg then went to a drs appointment. I was in a fiarky good mood throughout the appointment so it was rather painless.

That brings me to now.
I’m still sweating fairly hard but this isn’t too atypical for me. I live in Florida, have an inflammatory disease, and take buprenorphone for pain so I sweat quite a lot anyhow.

I am very pleased with the midvigil as of now. Its very similar to the focus I get with adderoll but with a much gentler stimulant effect. I feel like I’ll be able to sleep tonight without much issue and my appetite is about normal.
I feel clear headed and focused now at 4:30pm despite being up for 15 hours, I’m usually drained and exhausted by this point and have some brain fog going on.

Ill continue to update this each time I use some more of the sample I received. I imagine I’ll try to use it sparingly and spread it out. Save it for my longer days and tougher classes. I start working on a case report research project next Friday and having this stuff on hand will be a blessing from today’s experience with it.

If any one else has used modvigil/modpharma or if you have questions please chime in. The website I went through has been good to me and I did quite a bit of research on the stuff before trying it.

Definitely interested in hearing more.

I slept fine last night and didn’t have any sort of stimulant hangover today. I’ve felt fairly normal today and maybe even have a slight aftereffect with regards to mental clarity and being a little more talkitive. Definitely nothing like a day after adderoll.
Ill take a small dose before work tomorrow I think and see how that goes.

You took 300 mg and had caffeine on your first day? That seems like a lot. I think that was the reason for the heart rate and the “milder” adderall feeling.

I take Moda 5-7x a week 200 mg. About 2 weeks ago I tried 300 mg (twice) with my same caffeine dosage (2 tbsp instant coffee) and was anxious/irritable.

300 mg caffeine makes me so damn anxious - tend to stay away from it now.

I read a few reviews last week and ended up ordering the Modalert. It’s 200mg, but I think I’m going to cut the dosage in half as was suggested in one of the reviews.

I’m just looking to be a little more alert and to be able to focus a little more. Lately, I’ve felt out of sorts so to speak and I’ve gotta crack down for this certification exam I’m taking in May.

Lol, caffeine literally does nothing to me. I’m drinking a 16 oz spike while typing this (350 mg) and will have a couple cups of coffee later…

You wont regret it. It is AWESOME.

I to am pretty tolerant of caffeine for a while I was drinking 2-240 mg rockstars a day but, the Moda amplifies the effects.

I also started with just 100mg but, felt nothing. 200mg and 1-2 TBSP of instant coffee is the shit.

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It was just the 200mg at first. One pill. I thought it was reasonable at the time considering I’d taken things like adderoll before. I’ve since learned that 100mg at a time is fine. although so far, of the 3 days I’ve taken it, I’ve taken 3-400mg total for the day.

How long have you been taking modafinil for? What have some of the pros and cons been? At this point I’m considering that I may be able to reduce or stop completely the pain meds I’ve been on. Its fairly pricey stuff so I really need to do more research before I decide to make a bulk purchase.

Please, anything at all you could share about your experience with this stuff would really be appreciated. I’m mostly concerned with long term viability and whether my tolerance will go up with daily use or not.

This guy has lymes disease, which is similar in many ways to what I experience with AS especially with The chronic fatigue and brain fog. This is a short video of him reviewing modafinil and he apparently loves the stuff. This was very encouraging to me and makes me think I may be on the right track with this stuff.

I just stopped by to share the youtube link. I’ll be updating this again later with my experience using modapharma Saturday and today.

Saturday I took 400mg throughout the entire day. I had to get up fairly early to help my friend clean out his garage and get his house ready before moving out of it. Usually when I’m working for him I’m drinking 2-3 energy drinks throughout the day but Sat I felt clear focused and had plenty of energy and motivation to stay on task and get things done. I found myself not even wanting the energy drinks and motivated to stay productive. When I got home I still needed to do my shopping and spend time with the gf so took a half pill on top of the 200mg I’d already had. Normally I’d be dead tired and have some severe brain fog by this point but I instead felt Crystal clear and didn’t waste any time procrastinating. We ended up having a late dinner and I was getting very sleepy about 1am but the gf and still wanted to stay up and play a game together so I took another 100mg. This last bit bought me about two more hours of wakefulness focus and clarity before I again started getting very sleepy. Then I went to sleep no problem.

Monday’s anatomy class was great. I was able to pay attention throughout the entire 4 hours lecture and the material sunk in pretty well. After class I still had some energy and had a decent workout.

Yesterday I had my first student clinic after a long break. I had taken 200mg that morning and had plenty of energy throughout the clinic which runs from 5-9pm

Wednesdays are typically rough for me because I don’t get to sleep til late after clinic Tuesday and have to be back at the school at 8am wed. Its 7:15 now and I took 100mg about an hour ago.
Then got through class pretty well actually

This stuff really us incredible. Such a nice steady focus but not overwhelming or erratically speedy like an amphetamine.
I can sleep fine at night or even during the day if I want.
I took 200 mg total today and was pretty productive all in all. I’m keeping my mental energy well into the afternoon and not fogging up after class so much. I can come home and keep getting things done where normally I couldn’t be fucked to do much more than cook dinner

I was looking through some of the studies done on this stuff and found a couple that were somewhat relevant to my situation. MS is a nasty autoimmune disease that results in inflammation and hard plaques developing on the brain. The disease itself and the medications to treat it cause extreme fatigue and mental exhaustion. AS is also an autoimmune disease with the body attacking primarily the spine and connective tissue all over with inflammation which also causes extreme fatigue. This first study had 60 patients with MS take 200 mg modafinil for I think 9 weeks and found that it did improve their fatigue with little to no side effects.

Efficacy and safety of modafinil Provigil for the treatment of fatigue in multiple sclerosis: a two centre phase 2 studyhttps://modapharma.com/fatigue.html

This one shows that it can help protect the brain against slowing dopamine production after abuse and can prevent or slow down Parkinson’s progression. Something I’m somewhat concerned about with my long term use of pain medication and have already started showing early signs of. This was further encouragement to try to replace my pain medication with this modafinil if possible

Here’s one that studied people taking pain medication that made them sleepy and tested the efficacy of using modafinil to combat that drowsiness. If you’ve ever been on pain meds long term you’ll notice that sometimes all the coffee in the world is not enough to shake off the morning grogginess. Modafinil seems to even work here https://modapharma.com/opioid-sedation.html

Three is good for now. I’m not going to ware my time posting a bunch of these unless I see someone is actually interested.

I’m almost out of the sample pack I received. I have another long Saturday tomorrow so I’ll probably finish the last two pills then. Even on just 100mgs today though I’ve been fairly productive. I find that I look forward to and enjoy doing certain kinds of work more now. Or I’m at least not so opposed to doing things I have to do. Procrastination has been an enormous problem throughout my life but while on modafinil I find that I just do the things I need to do. It’s been incredibly liberating.
My workouts have been much more fun lately. I find that I have some of the energy I used to have as a teenager while doing conditioning drills and cardio a d bodyweight type stuff. I feel a little lighter and better connected all over. I get into that nice flow state much easier. I’ll certainly be ordering more of this stuff in the near future.

Well, I took a full tab this morning (7:30AM) and have had about 24oz of coffee and I feel nothing…

That’s interesting. Then what happened? Anything an hour or two later? Any chance you’ve been fleeced and got a junk product?
I’m curious about this. I hope you weren’t expecting a stimulant but assuming you’ve viewed this thread I’d say it’s safe to say you knew what you were getting into.
Please let us know what happened.

I donno. I don’t think I got a fake product or anything. I just didn’t really feel a difference. Could just be me though, I guess. I’ll try it again next week.

I did watch a BBC documentary whetevtge guy said he didn’t really feel anything the first day either. He theorized it was bc his brain was already performing at peak levels for whatever that’s worth.
Did you notice anything at all from it?
I hope you didn’t buy a lot if its no good to you. I think I would consider trying again tomorrow to see if there’s a cumulative effect. Or taking a little more.
This stuff was fantastic to me and I can’t wait to get more to have on hand for this huge research project coming up.
Please share what happens. It may not seem like it based on replies but I know people are viewing this thread and keeping an eye on it.

You’re right. I’ve been keeping an eye on it and reading up on this subject a little. For the past couple of months I’ve been taking 500mg of lysine and 400mg. Theanine in the morning with my coffee. That combo seems to have a really good uplifting effect without the speediness of chugging coffee all day. My general demeanor is good, alertness is great, and mathematic manipulation and processing is great through out the day. I used to get brain fogged pretty badly by mid day and slip up on a lot of calculations. Sometimes if I’m short on sleep I’ll do another round after lunch and that keeps me humming along through the evening.

From what I’ve read, the combo has a pretty mild nootropic effect, but I’m not trying to blow my own doors off, just want to stay stimulated and engaged through out the day. The modafinil sounds pretty cool too, but I don’t want to have to think a whole lot about sourcing or legality. Basically just mixing my own energy drinks.

I bought the smallest amount they offerred (20 tablets iirc) so I didn’t spend a ton. I will say that I didn’t feel like I was losing focus in the afternoon, which happens quite a bit, but I’m not sure if that was because I was engaged at work for most of the day or the modalert. I’ll keep taking it throughout the week to see how it goes. I’ve got a certificate at the end of May, which is why I bought it and plan to use most of it next month.

More to come.

I just received another ten pack in the mail Saturday! It took quite awhile due to some shipping issues in India and then sat in customs in New York for like ten days but sure enough it arrived and I was able to track it every step of the way.
I’m in the middle of an immense research project this stuff will help with but more interesting than that; I recently discovered a study comparing modafinil to prami for lowering prolactin levels. Apparently since they both upregulate dopamine they both suppress prolactin fairly well. Only modafinil doesn’t knock people out and make them super nauseous like prami does.
I’ll link the study later, I’m at the gym now. I’m considering ordering a bunch more modapharma and running a little experiment to see if my prolactin goes down.
This stuff is the most incredible drug for overall productivity in my opinion.