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Nootropics Anyone?

What are some interesting stacks or compounds you have used? So far I’ve used phenylpiracetam and it’s been great - downside is tolerance buildup. Great add-on to preworkout and for studying! Want to try anaracetam and bromantane next.

Ginseng is amazing. My parents give me some ginseng tea before important tests and it works WAYYY better than caffeine (much lower dose needed, no jitters, suitable for all ages and no tolerance). Apparently, it’s also great for sex drive if you’re interested.
Downsides: too much will cause nosebleeds, some people experience GI distress and it can get quite pricey.
If you do buy, try to get good quality American Ginseng.

What kind of effect do you get from this? I haven’t pulled the trigger yet because its hard to find a comprehensive list with effects.

It’s a cognitive enhancers I would estimate about 25% the feeling of adderal. Good for when you need to get things done and also noticed pre workout gives me a boost in endurance and general sense of wellbeing.