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Nootropic Use and Storage


After reading the brain booster threads I have decided to fine tune my use of nootropics for work out purposes. My purpose of taking these supplements is purely for a better workout (i.e. focus, strength, and endurance increases).

I love Power Drive and have used it for years, however, I want to play around with the ingredients within Power Drive and see how I react to different doses of the included ingredients. I have found that you can easily purchase the products within Power Drive (L-Tyrosine, Phosphatidylcholine/PC, and DMAE) for cheap in bulk, and would like to use these bulk powders for my personal experiments. At some point I plan on trying all the different nootropics I read about in the brain booster thread (racetams, vinpo, etc.), but I want to start with what I know best for now. Once I get this dialed in I will add others.

On to the questions. I am hoping others on this board have done similar experiments, and can help answer some of my questions below:

1) If I mix any of these products (in powder form) with whey/BCAA/glucose/malto, will they remain stable? Basically, I am asking if I can mix up a big batch of my typical workout drink of protein/carbs, and add in something like 5g of L-tyrosine per serving and use it for the next few months. I am concerned that there may be some kind of reaction between my BCAA/protein/carb concoction and the L-Tyrosine. The same question goes for the PC and the DMAE.

To summarize, can I mix big dry powder batches of L-Tyrosine/PC/DMAE/BCCA/Whey/Carbs months in advance without degradation to any of the ingredients?

2) I have read that effects of L-Tyrosine may be more pronounced when Vitamins B and C are present. Is this something that is worth the time/effort to include in my concoctions? Does anyone have an idea as to the amount of these Vitamins necessary to achieve the desired effect?

To summarize, is the benefit really worth the time/effort/expense of ensuring Vitamin B/C intake in conjunction with the L-Tyrosine? And if so, how much of each Vitamin should be taken and in what form?

3) Is Lecithin really the same thing as Phosphatidylcholine/PC? The sources I have found selling it online make it sound like the same thing, and reading about where PC comes from makes me believe them. However, I just want the assurance of from my T-Nation brothers that this is the case.

To summarize, if I buy Lecithin powder, am I really buying the same thing as the Phosphatidylcholine included in Power Drive?

In addition to these questions, I would love to hear your experiences with these supplements and any experiments you have done with them! My gut tells me that L-Tyrosine will have the biggest effect on the quality of my workouts, but I am open to the positive effects PC and DMAE may have as well.

PS - Please don't just tell me to just keep on taking Power Drive and give up on my experiments! I love messing around with my own workout drink mix and making up my own batches in my own ratios. I am a huge fan of Biotest products and buy them regularly, but I also enjoy the art of personalized nutrition.




Thanks for the summaries.

I would keep it tightly sealed. I can't say anything regarding the powders actually interacting with one other though.

I mixed up a 50:50 blend of B5 and Tyrosine in 600mg caps. I also take Vit C 1000mg a few times/day. But I might just start taking it all(2000mg) at night, I'm not sure yet. But I remember reading how it clears things from circulation quicker, and I don't want to be shortening the effective time of my ani/DMAE/vinpo during the day.

Just going on my own speculation here, but the end result might be the same, in different magnitudes, but how it ends up where it does may be different.

I respond well to DMAE, positive mental energy and focus. I have bitartate, it tastes good. Sometimes I'll just let it dissolve in my mouth, swish it around under my tongue, maybe get some sublingual action going on.


when you decide exactly what you are gonna do i'd be interested in seeing an outline... pls :wink:


VitC is a coenzyme in the hydroxylation of dopamine
VitB12 is needed to make the S-adenosyl-methionine that is needed to methylate noradrenaline (or norepinephrine as you Americans would call it)

Unless you're deificient in them, you'll probably be just fine if you only take tyrosine. Remember that the rate-limiting reaction is the hydroxylation of tyrosine, and that at some point, extra tyrosine won't give extra effect.

Don't buy lecithin. It tastes awful, getting it down was very hard and it was nowhere near as effective as caps of DMAE, which in my opinion are better in every way. Yes, it costs more, but it has a better effect and is just better. Towards the end, I had to mix the lecithin with yoghurt and muesli to get it down. It's a common emulsifier in food and once you taste lecithin on it's own other foods will remind you of it.

And keep things like this to the brain function boosters threads.


Thanks for the tips guys, super helpful! I am ready to start experimenting, but I am still concerned that it is unwise to mix L-tyrosine and DMAE powder with my normal concoction for long periods of time...

I will post any further questions I have in the brain function boosters thread!




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It works in Power Drive... should work for you.