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Nootropic Stack


Hello T-Nation,
Feels good to be back with a new profile, and with noticeable changes to the website and forums.
As my workload has increased to very uncomfortable and draining levels, I've started to notice a buildup in mental fatigue. I tried Vyvanse twice at 30mg;it contains lisdexamphetamine, a pro-amph, that converts to dextroamphetamine in the liver, thus doesn't give you a kick like adderall, which I completely avoid. It did work, and I could concentrate for longer and i could work a bit more efficiently. I do not intend to continue using it because of the high potential for abuse, and its tinkering with the dopamine system, sexual and psychochemical side effects. So The best alternative, seems to be Modafinil.

I wondering whether a combo of Noopept+Piracetam (on a regular basis)+ Modafinil(used on a non-daily basis) and maybe acetyl choline in the form of Lecithin, would be good to enhance cognition in the long term.
I work and study intensively in mathematical and entrepreneurial endeavors thus I need to keep my mental capacity at the fullest.
All suggestions are appreciated,