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Nootropic for Interview Anxiety and Studying


Hi all,

I am currently applying for investment banking jobs in the UK. I work full time and have to come home and spend hours working on applications (basically writing short essays), studying finance, absorbing the news, memorising interview questions/answers, and completing numerical/verbal tests online. I am naturally good at most of these things, but could do with an extra boost (for energy, concentration, memory, retention, etc), especially considering I have to start working on them after a full day in the office. Any ideas?

Also, I get a little nervous during interviews/presentations. In this country, most of the banks have you give a presentation as part of the interview process. I am naturally s fast speaker and this problem only gets worse with nerves. Also, I feel like I am not mentally at my best when nervous, and would like something that would help me relax a little in these situations but keep my mind/memory as sharp as possible (or even sharper, if such a compound exists). Any suggestions?

Last, any suggestions on something that would help me sleep the night before an interview? Typically I am very restless and my mind races all night thinking about the concepts I have been studying. Anything I would take would obviously have to leave me feeling refreshed and alert in the morning, rather than groggy.

I have read all of the nootropic threads and am thinking choline + aniracetam would be good for studying, and perhaps phenibut for pre-interview? I have read some bad studies about Vinpo. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Thanks everyone.


I know Bacopa Monneiri is usually recommended as an anti-anxiety agent, so that would be a tentative recommendation I guess. I have had good experience for memory with Oxiracetam and Aniracetam. For sleep, Z-12 sold at this site is good for knocking you out.

I have not heard of these bad studies for vinpo, which concerns me as I love that little guy.Ccan you please link them?


for me, eating candy can beat anxiety.
it has something to do with supplying glucose to blood to counteract certain hormonal reaction.


Thanks for the advice. I know BBB recommends Bacopa, I will have to check it out. Phenibut looks promising as well. Vinpo seems to be loved universal on these forums, but others aren't so positive:




Half of that stuff is over my head, but red flags were at least raised. I would love to get BBB's or other well-educated persons opinions on this. (So aside from comment, I guess this post is also a bump of sorts)


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