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Nootropic Drug Help


Hi guys!

As you can see I am new here but I've roamed around here a lot. Anyways...I need some major help on nootropic meds. I am Dyslexic, ADHD, and when I got test they said I retain 80% of stuff(avg is 90-100)...oh and I'm a foreigner(Legal one if I may add :D). So I kinda feel stupid cause I have to study like 14hrs for something that other students study 3hrs for. Sad part about this is that I'm a pre-med student so I don't have a lot of space to mess up :frowning:

I can't really concentrate either but I can force myself...I've tried ADHD medications( adderall XR,focalin, and the Patch) but they made me depressed and prevent me from eating and now that I'm into bodybuilding now those are big no-nos and depression never helps anything. Plus what's the point of considerations if I can't remember the shit that I just studied.

So here are my questions:

What are some nootropic meds you guys would recommend? Because they are a lot of them out there.

How should I go by dosages?

and will they effect anything if one goes on cycles or uses peptides or SARMs?

So hopefully you guys and bushidobadboy could help me out on some of this stuff


P.S. I read couple of stuff about them but I really don't have the time to search for hours since I work multiple jobs, have to cook massive meals, workout, and got bunch of tests and homework coming up. I don't even have time to scratch my balls anymore :,(


You must be incredibly unintelligent or extremely lazy, but here you go:





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See that's why I need them :smiley:

But on the serious note I was actually reading threw that thread when I made this thread but I was wondering if it would effect ADHD medication also because I want to start getting back on them but something that doesn't make me depressed to the point that I just want to quit on life.


Thanks for the reply bro.

I saw that you had suggested this in that thread

and I was wondering should I start with that or stack Neurostim with them?

Thanks again.


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I'm considering starting with nootropics too. I'm in my final year of a PhD program and adding in training, social, and hobbies, I'm forced to decrease my sleep gradually from 8 to now 5.75 hours a night through the last year. I'm going to need to decrease it further. Would this stack be sufficient to counter the cognitive effects of sleep deprivation? (mental acuity/agility is more important than memory retention for my area, though memory still matters) Anything else you recommend as I drop my sleeping time any further? (I've tried modafinil, doesn't work for me)


I would work on improving the quality of sleep that you are getting, ie ZMA, melatonin(~3-6mg typical effective dose)


although its not one of the better nootropics, ive heard of a couple people who have success with DMAE in dealing with ADHD



I'm looking around online and most places don't carry neurostim anymore. Is there a reason why some sites say "discontinued"?

I've kept up with the noop-threads and have been into it for quite a while and am down to pick up a bottle....but just checking on things first...


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to avoid any confusion here, i noticed you guys saying everybody discontinued neurostim are actually looking at scivations neurostim. BBB and the rest of us on the real neurostim got it from mind nutrition, the GOOD stuff.

hope that helps :slight_smile:


I'm a clinical psychologist and a part of my job - other than providing psychotherapy - is to oversee a specialized clinic dedicated to offering non-pharmacological treatments for ADHD. We use cognitive training and neurofeedback, and thus far, we've helped a number of people make improvements in their attention, impulse control, and other facets of cognitive functioning without the use of stimulant medication. If you decide that medication isn't viable at this time, you might try looking for a provider in your area.


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Not sarcastic my friend, but I am curious - you are diagnosed dyslexic but will train to be a doctor - who can prescribe medicine, that nurses will have to pedantically administer?

For this and other reasons that sounds dangerous to me.

I don't mean to detract from your achievements, but how do you intend to prescribe medicine, write notes about patients symptoms, create treatment plans, write referrals etc?


I believe ^this^ may be a very ironic use of the word dyslexic.


Try this stuff over at onnit specially the alpha brain formula, its backed by joe rogan and has had some awesome feedback


No, I haven't, nor would I have much of a need. I work primarily with students for whom medications are not desired. These students want to make improvements in their cognitive functioning without medication. For some, medications are medically contraindicated, and for others, there are concerns about possible side effects or being "dependent" on medications.

Also, I'm a psychologist, so I don't prescribe medicine. That's outside of my scope of practice, but yes, it would be interesting research. Perhaps there's a study in the making.


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