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Nootropic Dosages (Cy and Others)


Hi there. Cy - I was referred to you in my other thread with regards to Nootropics. I have one question for you (and any others who may know). I have pretty much finalised my first nootropic stack, and just want to finalise dosages. I will buy in bulk and mix the required amounts to make one large batch with the right ratios.

Alcar - 2.5g
Chocamine - 2g
L-Tyrosine - 500mg
NAC - 500mg
Caffeine - 200mg

Any changes you would suggest to those?

Thanks in Advance,


you could up the tyrosine, no problem with a gram, gram and a half.


Thanks for the tip. It is relatively inexpensive to 1g should be fine.

Thanks, will do. Plan on ordering it this week. Depending on international mail and customs, I should have it within two weeks, upon which I will try and let you know.

One other question: should I perhaps consider adding Taurine? I see it is used a lot together with Alcar, and is fairly cheap. I was thinking of adding 2.5g to the stack. Being very inexpensive it easily fits into my budget.



I'd agree with the increasing the tyrosine doses at least a gram if not 1.5 or two.

Taurine is unrelated to your goals, rather add ginko or vinpocetine (they are similar, but vinpo is a stronger vasodilator).


Hi there. What is taurine for - is it a vasodilator rather than a nootropic? Would it not be useful for preworkout?

I can get Ginko powder which is "Standardized for 24% Ginkgoflavinoglycosides and 6% Terpene Lactones". What dosage should I use?


I really hope you are capping this. I have done a combo of all these and more and most people could NOT stomach the taste of a lot of these.

I did it though so it can be done.

Just a warning


Forgot to add. In the end sure it was fun but the payback is NOWHERE near the hassle.

Diggin my Spike and Power Drive.


I too like both Spike and Power Drive though I've used them for alertness/staying awake and haven't tried them pre-workout (in my body Spike was subtle and Power Drive would be better pre-workout YMMV).

I think taurine falls into the "cell volumizer" type supp e.g. NO land, but don't quote me as that ain't my area of interest/expertise. More here in PDR of supps:



I used to try taking alot of different things like this, but I agree you cant beat the Spike route, and I add in some Vitamin World Focus Complex which has among others small doses of C,E,B-6,B-12, Biotin, fish oil,ginko,alpha lipoic acid,acetyl l-carnitine,gotu kola,huperzine a,vinpocetine, and their "blend" of phosphatidyl serine,DMAE,l glutamic acid,choline bitartrate,inositol,bilberry,grape seed, and some other herbs.

In college I tried to order nootropics after reading about them in MM2K and they got stopped at customs even though they were all legal.


Please no more Spike and PD pimping. As mentioned in a previous thread, it is simply too expensive, especially without the USPS shipping option available for international orders yet.

The new Spike 50-tab bottle with shipping, which will be around a month's supply, will cost me around $100. For about $120 I can get the nootropics in bulk to make my own stack for around 6 months. And that doesn't even begin to factor in Power Drive.

I do not want to come off like a cheapskate, but with that cost comparison, and with the high exchange rate for me to the US$, Spike/Power Drive are simply non-options (you get them locally but it is the old stock only and pricing is stupid: equivalent of around $80 for 60 tabs of Spike).