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Nootropic Advice for Studying



Got exams coming up within the next couple of weeks, and finding i'm just needing something to give me a bit of an edge when it comes to studying, especially with large amounts of information to remember (i'm a final year law student). I've never taken anything like this before, so to be quite honest i'm pretty clueless about what to try.

I've heard good things about Oxiracetam, which I am considering trying. However, someone has recommended Neurostim from Mind Nutrition to me - which contains Aniracetam, Vinpocetine and DMAE. Would this be a better choice to use than just Oxiracetam on its own?

I'd appreciate any advice people would be willing to give.





Search function can work wonders :slightly_smiling:

EDIT: In short, my reading from the BFB thread has led me to believe that the DMAE, vinpo, and aniracetam are better to begin with, and that oxi should only be added on top of those once tolerance has built up.


Cheers for the reply, I did have a flick through the various threads but wasn't sure on the effectiveness of DMAE, vinpo and aniracetam together in comparison to oxiracetam - thanks for your reply :slight_smile:


Effectiveness of a compound will vary from individual to individual, as well as dose to dose, so if something is proving to be ineffective for you, it may be that you don't respond to it, or you need to dial in the dose.
Also keep in mind that many nootropics work synergistically, therefore requiring a smaller dose to elicit the desired response.


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It's mainly volume of data to be honest, got most of the concept stuff down already so primarily for memorising essays etc - I take it you cannot take both at once?


get your hands on someones Adderall or Vyvanse...


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Unfortunately I don't know anyone with a prescription for it, that was my first thought but found it impossible to get some


BBB - is it possible to take both Neurostim and Oxi simultaneously? Or is this a recipie for disaster?


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Hmmm, might have to try it then :smiley:

After Buffd Samurai's post about his stack I'm planning to experiment a bit. Shame MN don't sell piracetam... Any other water soluble racetams out there?



Oxi is water soluble.


listen to bushy, neurostim is the biz


I was under the impression that oxi is more "memory enhancing", whereas piracetam and ani are more "focus enhancing", which is what I'm looking for. Or is the difference between the results not that huge?



Care to elaborate BBB? I have some friends who swear by these (both friends who were prescribed and friends who have prescribed themselves lol)?


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Thank you sir, I'm looking forward to the detailed response. I'm hoping I'll have more than enough nootropic aid through Neurostim and Biotest's brain candy when that comes out :slight_smile:


I was just responding to your question. Ani and oxi have different purposes.
Your best bet would be to find a way to get some pira, or just chew some nuts with your ani.
That's what I do.


That's what I thought, thanks for clarifying!