So today is ME Box Squat. I have been looking forward to this workout for over a week. I want to bring my squat up so bad it hurts. But…
Today playing intramural soccer, I broke my foot. Particularly, about 2.5" from the tips of my toes, and dislocated a toe.
Ok, now I am not going to let this take me out, so heres the plan:
2 weeks upper body specialization. This will allow my lower body to completely recover. I will seperate my workouts into push and pull. 4 days/week. Also, specializing on grip work. During this time I will continue to stretch my legs and hip to keep loose. (squatting is usually the only thing that really gets my hips to open)
During the second week, I will see if I can add some high rep body weight squats into the mix, and see how they feel.
Hopefully I will be better by the end of week 2 and can begin to squat again. So, I will do a 2 week rotation with primary emphasis on lower body.
I will focus on box squats, since they are easier to recover from and your body can handle a greater volume of box squatting as opposed to regular squatting. 3 days lower body, 1 day upper. 1 day deadlift/clean/snatch, depending on mood, 1 day box squatting, 1 day front squatting on a low box. 1 full upper body day per week.

These are just my preliminary thoughts, as I haven’t sat down and outlined my plan yet, but what do you guys think??? Feedback would be appreciated.

Sorry to hear about that. It realy sucks.

If you think (or know) that it might last longer than that before you can squat again, you can still work the other leg.

There’s been some study about muscle cary over from one limb to the other. I guess even when a leg is in a cast and completely immobile it can gain some size from working the other leg.

CW mentioned something about this to someone too.

You don’t want to rush into squats if it’s going to make the foot worse.

Sounds like an excellent time to make use of those strange machines that isolate the quads and hamstrings :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks guys. After careful consideration, I return to the gym on monday. I will still be wearing a boot, as it will only be week 2 of the injury.

Heres what im planning, m-w-f upper body work, saturday:leg curls, extension, abduction and adduction, and weighted hyperextensions for leg maintanence work. Two weeks of this, followed by a two week mini-cycle focusing on the box squat, with maintanence work on upper body.

Also, as soon as I start feeling better, I think I will start swimming, just for conditioning and to keep some blood in my legs.

Ill try stretching as soon as it becomes ok for me to put weight my heal. Also, if it takes me longer than 2 weeks to get back to lower body work, I will start working on my left leg pistols (one legged squats).
What do you guys think??