Noobie Strength Questions

Hey all! This is my first post here on T-Nation, so please be gentle…

I’ve been reading this site pretty regularly, though at pretty big time intervals, and I’ve been lifting weights recreationally on and off for the last 3 years.

However, because of my rather limited real world experience and complete lack of proffesional training or help, I don’t know what a good lift by bodyweight is like or proper technique for more complicated lifts like all olympic lifts or box deadlifts or things like that.

Regarding lifting technique, I wouldn’t ask here if I couldn’t find a good video, but all the vids I found are either low quality or of random people doing low weight in their garage, so I don’t really trust those…

Anyway, any and all help would be appreciated. Like I said, I read this site often enough to know about my nutrition or training progression or anything else that can be learned on paper, its just the experience things that I haven’t learned much about.

My major…stats, i guess, are:
Weight 160 lbs, 10-12% body fat(I guess, haven’t gotten the fold test), 1RM bench 235, 1RM deadlift 315, 1RM squat 225

If I’ve forgotten anything don’t hesitate to remind me. thx again!

I’m sure you’re only going to get told to use the search function. But the best advice I can give you is go to and buy “Starting Strength” by Mark Rippetoe. It has everything you need to know for the time being.
(p.s. Squat more.)

whats the question ?

Are you requesting videos of proper technique?
Whatever your question may be, I have a feeling that the answer is going to be to squat more.
Vid: Kirk Karwowski - 1003 pound squat - YouTube

Looks like you probably have a technique issue with squats.

Great place to start. And here’s one for the question of how much weight is a good lift.

Go to and check out the article’s section. There are numerous write up’s on the que’s you should be using for the main lift’s. I would also recommend the bench and squat index dvd’s,as I have them both and helped me a great deal when I first started. Good luck nothing is better then when you get your form right.

Wow, looks like “starting strength” comes highly recommended. I’ll be sure to pick up a copy asap. And MikeyKbiatch, ya, my form is probably pretty loose, and I would definately benifit from some mirror time with low weights to get it right. I’ll be sure to try that next time at the gym. Thanks for the links Jaypierce.

I was never a fan of using mirrors. Do you have a camera phone? I use mine a lot in my garage and the quality is good enough to tell if I am doing anything wrong.
for decent videos

performance standards

Squat RX Videos - An awesome series of videos.

Video clips via Mike Robertson:

Pictures with explanations: