Hey, so im in need of ALOT of help, ive tried to search through previous posts and make sense of things but its been quite confusing for me. So here’s the deal. Im 21 years old and in university, my buddy living in a different province came to visit and told me he is on sustanon250, he was 3 or 4 weeks in and has gained some good lean mass. he talked me into getting some off his other buddy and it is on its way to my place right now…

so he says just take 1cc of the sust250, twice a week then on the 4th week switch to 1.5cc twice a week and week 6 2cc twice a week for a 10 week cycle… and to be honest im pretty short on cash so i just planned on takin 1cc twice a week for 5 weeks then switchin to 1.5cc until the bottle was out then just stopping cold turkey and being done with it (i had nooo clue about anything steroid related) …

im not worried about not gaining as much mass as possible, just looking to gain maybe 10-15lbs of lean mass in the 7-8 weeks i’d be taking the sust250… but as i got to reading i realized this is a terrible idea and id need some post cycle therapy as i dont want any side effect coming from this tiny “cycle” i want to try…

So the big question is… How bad of an idea is this? Do i need PCT? How should i go about the pct?

i know im a noobie and you seasoned veterans are reading this thinking i have no place asking dumb questions like this so please no replys commenting on my stupidity… just help please. thanks!

21yrs old is the worst time to take anything. You are already peaking as it is why would you want to take something and cause some shutdown.

You said you already ordered so set a goal to learn how to tear up the gym without help but really learn and use it to your advantage.

So later on when your 23 you can take your sus and you will all ready know what type of exercise your body reacts best to for your chosen goal.

Then your friend that convinced you to take something will be like dude wtf???

If your going to do it make sure you read all the stickies in the steroids area. Propose a cycle the proper way and if you do your homework there will be people willing to help you. But if your 21 and expect someone to do the work for you your only going to get flamed…

Start here

^ at least post something to help the kid…


that was for 750susuki


How long have you been on the cycle? Have you started yet? I cant tell from reading your post.

If you havent started teh cycle then you clearly need to sell the shit or keep it locked away for a while. Opinions about your age aside, you really dont have enough knowledge to do this right at this point. Theres no reason to try and cram info and do the retarded cycle you plan. 1 bottle of sustanon is not a cycle. Its a waste of AAS.

Learn more and do a proper cycle in a couple of years when youre more developed.

Bone up on all the information and when you think you know enough. Then start to modify your diet so that you are eating 5 or 6 times a day and plenty of protein the right fats and eating about 4k to 5k calories aday, while you are putting your diet in the works get your training in gear and stay focused. Now that you have done all these things continue with your diet and training for the next 4 years and then when you turn 25 yr start your first cycle. IMO 21 is to young your body hasn’t matured as well as your mind.

my goodness just fucking keep training natural for 3 or 4 more years and do some actual fucking research.