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Noobie, First Cycle for BJJ?

First let me say thanks for any information. A little bit about myself. I’m 37, 5’10", 215 lbs, Meso probably describes my body type best (easy to pack on muscle, harder to dry up, especially in the mid section), I’ve been strength training since my 20s, I have been training BJJ for 6 years and don’t plan on stopping, I eat super clean because it is so easy for me to put on extra weight while trying to add size. So I would say I have a decent foundation. I have in the past had chances to use compounds but never did because I knew I was to young and didn’t know much about using them properly.
So here I am at 37 and I want to start adding compounds to my already developed tool box, notice I said I wanted to. My doctor won’t even really discuss this stuff with me because he’s pretty much clueless about these things. I don’t currently have a source but im determined to do this so I’m sure I’ll find one, but in the mean time I want to talk about it with folks that know the most efficient and safest way to use the compounds. So on to my questions…
My first question, is it possible to use Test without the need for AIs or PCTs? If not what should I be looking for in AIs and PCTs that work well with Sport Jiu Jitsu/ Grappling? Second, which Test works best with adding strength but without adding much water retention? I understand my body may react differently than others but I need a good solid starting point in relation to dosing… so like I said this is something I want to do and if you’ld rather try to talk me out it just keep it to yourself. I’m here for information on doing it properly from folks who live it.

Welcome to the forum.

Yes it is possible to use test without an AI. But it depends on your body and the amount you use. Some guys can run multiple aromatising compounds without an AI, others need excess AI on mild cycles. It’s entirely dependent on your body and how it aromatises. You won’t know until you start your cycle and get blood work done.

No, you should not cycle without having a proper pct planned out. You can, but you really really shouldn’t. It will end badly. This is not applicable if you’re going on or are already on TRT, obviously.

As far as water retention goes it’s sort of inevitable with test. There will always be some. You can control that with a proper AI protocol and a clean diet. If your diet is very clean now then there’s no reason why you would have major water issues on cycle. There’s some BroScience that says test prop will cause less water retention than other test esters. I don’t know if I buy that, but I’m willing to have an open mind if there is any actual science presented to me. Test is test. If you have stable blood levels then the ester shouldn’t make that much of a difference.


Thanks great info… If I was thinking of a cycle of Test-C at 400mg weekly dispensed at 200mg every 3rd or 4th day, what should a “standard” PCT and AI protocol look like? Once again I understand everybody is different.

Pct of Nolva for four weeks at 40/40/20/20 would probably be enough. AI of maybe .5mg anastrozole twice a week. That could be tinkered with, but it’s a good starting point.

@iron_yuppie How long should a “typical” cycle last? Ive seen 10-12 weeks. Do you think that’s enough?

10-12 seems to be the consensus. If it was prop then you could go shorter.

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@iron_yuppie Do you mind if I PM you?

Sure man. As long as you’re not looking for a source I’m happy to talk about anything else.

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@iron_yuppie yea man no source asking.

@iron_yuppie Hypothetically speaking if I was able to get 5 weeks of Cyp. Would it be worth it to go ahead and hold on to it till I find the rest of my cycle or just let it go and find everything as a package? How long do esters last when properly stored?

Sealed in a vial? Probably stable and dose-consistent for a year. Opened? Depends on the quality of the rubber stopper and the amount of times it’s been punctured. The more air that gets in the faster the test degrades. I’m of the opinion that if you have a source that you know to be selling a legitimate product then you buy everything from them when you’re ready.

@iron_yuppie Pop top Glass vials, source is legitimate just what’s on hand now and its not looking like he’s wanting to stay in the game. Personally I’m more than ready myself. That’s why I’m getting as much info as possible. Also, are supplements ok while running a cycle or is it common practice to just cycle, then supplements after? Are there certain things that should be avoided in regards to over the counter supplements while on a cycle?