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Noobie Cycle Need some Advice

Age 23
Weight 175 BF 10%
Lifts squat 355 dead lift 405 bench 285
Lifting for 7 -8 years on and off. Started at 16 at roughly 115lbs always been a hard gainer.

Cycle Experience. Last summer I did some test cyp. I didn’t really know what I was doing. Just one injection a week for 12 weeks at 200mg. Put on about 15 lbs then lost most of it. Did a lot of research and am looking to do things right this time and get some serious results. My goal is to put on 15-20 lbs of lean muscle and keep as much of my gains as I can.

If you have any suggestions on my cycle or what I should change please let me know. I’m all about being safe and smart on this one.

Right now this is what I’m looking at, I want to do this as cheap as possible as I’m getting 10cc bottles.

Week 1-5 Test Enanthate 400 mg two shots a week
Week 1-10 Equipose 400 mg two shots a week, (plan on loading it with the test.)
Week 12-? pct treatment

My questions are what should I be taking during the cycle to insure my safety? And should I lengthen my equipoise cycle? I heard it takes a while to get the full effects of equipoise. And should I just go ahead and spend the cash to do a 10 week cycle of Test Enanthate? Lastly I heard equipoise can be harder on you if your younger? Would I get better results for what I’m looking for with winstrol instead?

Thanks for taking the time to read this one T-Nation. Keep me informed.

IMO lengthen cycle to 12 weeks for both. I’ve read most run their test slightly higher than their EQ. I’m just finishing my 3rd week of same cycle. Test E at 500 EQ at 400 per week. You don’t mention AI or HCG. You def at least want Adex on hand but I’d run it right off the bat. .25 EOD. Also for that long of a cycle you should run HCG @250iu E3D. Test E is useless from what I’ve read in short cycles. It really kicks in around week 4/5 from most peoples reports. I’m looking forward to the EQ appetite coming later as I have a hard time eating so much clean food.

Forgot to mention. I’m running Nolva at 40, 40, 20, 20 for PCT. 14 days after last test E pin and 3 weeks after last EQ pin

Thanks for the input smalsh that’s just the response I was looking for. Keep me updated on ur gains mate ill let you know what kind of stats I get too.